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Are you looking to enhance your current professional skills while adding more tools to your practice? Do you desire to launch a training and/or coaching practice that aligns with your faith using a proven system for client impact and profitability?

Your Trusted Resource for Coaching Certification or Trainer Certification

We have certified hundreds of trainers and coaches around the world who are operating a part-time or full-time practice while making a kingdom impact. Whether you are an existing coach looking for a certification that is biblically integrated or a professional trainer looking for a biblically-integrated business curriculum, in just 12 months, you can complete your certification with demonstrated client impact and additional revenue using our proven business system.

Improve your training and coaching skills

Within 12 months, you will enhance your training and coaching skills or learn new skills that will build your confidence and credibility as a coach and trainer.

Learn proven methods of generating results as a trainer and coach

We have been building profitable kingdom companies through training and coaching for the last 20 years. You will learn the proven methods we have used through case studies and hands-on activities.

Learn a biblically-integrated approach to training and coaching entrepreneurs that produce results

You do not have to compromise quality for biblical integration. We have created a training and coaching program based on best practices that is Bible based.

Get access to various success tools and ongoing support

Successful coaches and trainers rely upon great tools. We have over 50 tools ranging from case studies, templates, to educational resources, processes, and techniques to help you lead your clients to success.

Learn a turnkey system and start generating revenue immediately

Why reinvent the wheel? We have a turnkey training and coaching system that you can start using immediately to generate new clients or serve your existing clients. From training materials, coaching tools, and marketing systems to a financial model.

Supplement your current income

Whether you are looking to supplement your current income or generate a new line of revenue, we have what you need. We help you add coaching or training to your practice to serve an existing clientele base or reach out to a new market. Let us help you monetize something you are already passionate about.

Become part of a global training and coaching network

For the last 20 years, we have served 38 countries around the world and we have regional offices in 5 regions of the world. Join a growing organization with a global footprint that will enable you to scale your practice through an existing network or to act locally but think globally.

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Be certified to teach our curriculum with tools to build your practice

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Be certified through our system to coach businesses of any stage

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