Are you a business training organization, marketplace ministry, a church, or a professional association looking for a proven training and support system to equip your entrepreneurs and leaders to fulfill their purpose in the marketplace?
Are you looking for a turnkey system to complement your current program and fulfill your mission?

More About Business Training Host and Licensing Agreements

We have partnered with organizations of various sizes in the United States and around the world who license our content or host our program to serve their business leaders, entrepreneurs, and those who desire to better integrate their faith in their business or vocation.

Why reinvent the wheel? Take advantage of our turnkey system to fast track your way to realizing your mission with a proven training and support system that accelerates your growth.

We have two partnership options

Business Training Host and Licensing Agreement

Offer our program to your members or community without making a long-term commitment

Business Training Host and Licensing Agreement Nehemiah E-Community

Acquire the rights to offer our content to your members or clients

License Fee $10,000 $20,000 – No Certification
$30,000 – 1 Certification
$35,000 – 2 Certification
$45,000 (includes 2 certifications)
Access to content for training/distribution within the organization/community served Limited Yes Yes
Training Included Available for Separate Purchase Available for Separate Purchase Yes
Curriculum Materials and Supplies (If within a country where NPIM has publishing distribution, materials must be purchased from NPIM. If not, materials are to be printed by licensee/trainer.) 5% discount 5% discount
(10% with purchase of Certification Packages)
Student Benefits (E-Community Bronze membership (unless purchase kits with other membership options) Yes Yes No
Student Benefits (E-Community memberships based on course level) No No Yes
Organization Benefits Membership Level (Diamond Membership) Yes Yes Yes
Weekly Business Devotionals Yes Yes Yes
Marketing Templates Yes Yes Yes
Access to PDF curriculum materials, PowerPoints, and handouts Limited Yes Yes
Post classes on NPIM website with “More Information” link with “More Information” link Yes
Access to online curriculum videos Diamond Level Required Diamond Level Required Yes
Annual Support Fee $ 2,500 * $3,500 – No Certification
$5,000 – 1 Certification
$6,500 – 2 Certification
Royalty Payment to HQ 20% 20% 20%
Certification and ongoing support Available with Purchase Available with Purchase Yes
Access to proprietary content Limited Yes Yes
Technology and operational support No No Yes
Use of Trademark & Brand Yes Yes Yes
global network Yes Yes Yes
Copyright training and coaching program (all our seminars and courses) Limited Yes Yes
Technology Applications (e.g. Quickbooks, MS Office, SalesForce, PayPal, Zoom, etc.) No No Yes
E-Community Platform with discounts No No Yes
Trainer & Coach Back Office access (for Licensee) Limited Yes Yes
Free Digital Nehemiah Week registration (with annual support fee) Yes Yes Yes
Onboarding support (Coaching, Special training) Limited Limited Yes
Quarterly Global Leadership retreat No No Yes
Trainer/Coach Certification Additional Purchase Additional Purchase Yes
Trainer Back office Limited Yes Yes
Coach Back office Limited Yes Yes
Free access to Self-Paced courses Additional Purchase Additional Purchase Yes
Access to Capital for clients Conditional Conditional Yes
Membership revenue sharing No No Yes
Marketer and Sales referral compensation Yes Yes Yes
Business Plan Competition awards Conditional Conditional No
- Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community

The Nehemiah Project is a comprehensive faith, work, and economics ministry from curriculum to coaching, credit generation to commercial growth. Our church has grown in insight and impact through our joint partnership. The best!

Dr. Case Thorp
Senior Associate Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Orlando