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Find out by taking the Nehemiah Business Life Cycle Assessment.

Rate each statement from 0 to 5. Zero = not true at all. 5 = Very true.
I’m not sure if business is for me
I have launched my business
I have built or am able to build business financial reserve
I face cash flow or could face cash flow challenges if sales and collections do not improve
I have yet to complete the proof of concept
I have identified who the successor will be
The business is not consistently profitable
Entrepreneur able to delegate major responsibility to others
I do not have a business yet
I have a clear business idea
I’m 65 years old or older
I’m no longer relying on external financing to keep the business in operation
Business may need expansion capital
I’m able to give from the business more comfortably
My business has not launched yet
My business is less than 5 years old
Business operating procedures are in place
My business has market potential beyond current local market
The business does not have cash flow challenges
Entrepreneur working on versus in the business
Cash from sales is able to cover all my expenses including my salary
I’m still financing the business from outside capital
I feel called to scale the business
I’m ready to sell or transition from the business
My business is generating a profit
My business idea is still being developed
Business systems are in place
Operating revenue is able to cover operating expenses
Business expanding regionally, nationally or internationally
I have an exit strategy
I have a business line of credit
My business has not broken even yet
I have been in the same business for 30 years or more
Business has the right staff, in the right positions
I have the right team and systems to expand
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