Taking Dominance in the Education Industry in Kenya

Taking Dominance in the Education Industry in Kenya

Taking Dominance

Taking dominance is about operating from the point of clarity but sometimes this is not usually the case since you will find yourself doubting but you still keep on pushing regardless.

I have a boyfriend the winner of the International Business Plan Competition shares what dominance means to her and how she got to do what she’s doing now. For Nina Mutegi her story is not different. She shares that this wasn’t her dream from the beginning. Having wanted to pursue a career in medicine but ending up doing nursing abroad kept her going for a while.

Nina says that during this period she learned that she needed to work really hard to enjoy what everyone around her was enjoying. For some reason, this made it even better for her when she came back home and she understood how important it is to put in the work. Nina adds that getting into the family business came later on even though she didn’t want to do it from the beginning. She believes that everything she went through previously was preparing her for something and that is what she is doing right now.

Sometimes learning comes from making mistakes. Make those mistakes and let them be your learning point.

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