Nehemiah E-Community Podcast | Entrepreneurs Create Jobs

Nehemiah E-Community Podcast | Entrepreneurs Create Jobs

Entrepreneurs Coming Together to Create Businesses that Create Jobs-100

As an entrepreneur creating jobs, you have to be disciplined and focused. These values help your business and even shed light on the people you are bringing on board.

Garret Garland, Chris Roberson, and Charles G. Kearse do mention that their background in the military had a huge impact on what they were doing since they carried what they learned into their businesses. As a person, your attitude to learn new things goes a long way. Employing people is good but at times to enhance what they bring to the table, make them your partner.

Generally, when people unite, the sky remains to be the limit. There is a lot of power that every diverse individual being brought to the table.

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Nehemiah Week 2021

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Celebrating National Entrepreneurship Week

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Entrepreneurship is the essential instrument that helps drive community prosperity, job creation, and poverty reduction. In a pandemic that has caused millions of job losses, business closures, and income reduction, there is no greater time than now to highlight the value of entrepreneurship. In celebration of National Entrepreneurship Week, we would like to celebrate entrepreneurs all over the world by extending a 50% discount on any E-Books in our store. Use the code ENT5WK21 to access your discount.

NatlEshipWeek is a US congressionally chartered week dedicated to empowering entrepreneurship across the United States. The annual initiative was relaunched in 2017 at NatlEship Week to bring together a network of partners to educate, engage, and build equitable access to America’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.

According to a research published by Springle Publishing, entrepreneurship has four key benefits:

  1. Job creation – Without entrepreneurship, job growth is limited due to the fact that the engine of job creation is small businesses
  2. Increased innovation – Entrepreneurship provides the incentives and rewards that serve as the catalyst for innovation and creativity
  3. Increases personal fulfillment – The freedom to pursue one’s dream that is derived from entrepreneurial initiative leads to personal satisfaction
  4. Increase in GDP – The wealth created by entrepreneurs helps to increase the health of the macroeconomy of the country they reside in.

As important as these four benefits are, there is one key benefit missing that the Nehemiah Project puts a premium on; Honoring Christ and sustaining the advancement of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Colossians 3:7 states “And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” When we create jobs, we are honoring Him by helping provide for others and when we innovate, we are honoring Him by reflecting a key characteristic of His as the creator. When we realize our dreams, we are honoring Him by experiencing the abundant life that He promised us, and lastly, when we create wealth, it gives us the resources to carry out His purposes without constraint. Nothing gives greater glory to God than when we co-create with him through entrepreneurship.

Join us in celebrating Entrepreneurship Week, as we celebrate our ability to co-create with God. Entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and philanthropist Jeff Grubbs shared on the value of faith-based entrepreneurship and stated that “in a global economic crisis, entrepreneurship is not only essential but faith-based entrepreneurship is indispensable” in his talk during Nehemiah Week 2020. This talk is our free gift to you, with your purchase of an E-Book today using our 50% National Entrepreneurship Week special. Use this code to access your discount – ENT5WK21

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