Nehemiah E-Community Podcast | Building Family Bridges

Nehemiah E-Community Podcast | Building Family Bridges

Family Bridges

When it comes to building family bridges, embracing a growth mindset remains to be a huge factor in developing stable families.

One of the biggest regrets you can have in this life is not being able to spend enough time with your family.
In a family it is important to be there for your family members and especially to your children because it is at this young age that they do develop various values. In most cases they just want someone to sit and listen to everything that they are going to talk about. Family bridges therefore aim at bridging this particular gap by strengthening families but mainly focusing on young ones and hopefully make them purpose driven leaders of their generation.

Bethany and Alicia share their experiences how their younger years made it clear for them what they wanted to do in filling the gaps in entrepreneurial families. Alicia La Hoz mentioned that this particular project started in jails and hospitals because this is where the people were found and with time it did spread across the community. Mental health is key and to young people right now it is more real for them. This can be solved by homes just adopting the learning mentality to just understand young people better. Also, in families developing agency helps make a difference in the lives of those you love.

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