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Nehemiah Week 2022 Participant: Asia Pacific Regional Business Plan Competition Winner

Africa Regional Business Plan Competition Winner

Joy V R and Jino Joy of Mumbai, India emerged as the winners of Asia Pacific’s Regional Business Plan Competition held on June 25, 2022. Selected from a group of five competitors from Australia, India, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea, Joy and Jino won both the judge’s and people’s votes when they made a compelling 10-minute presentation on their business plan. As part of completing the Biblical Entrepreneurship Program students write a business plan and present it during their region’s business plan competition. The competition offers feedback to the students from qualified reviewers and gives the students the opportunity to define, articulate and defend their calling and vision, and the Kingdom Impact and sustainability of their business in the marketplace. Winning a regional competition enters the winner as a contestant to represent their country and region during the International Business Plan Competition held annually at Nehemiah Week. This year, Joy and Jino will be representing India and the Asia Pacific Region at Nehemiah Week 2022 on August 15-20, 2022. 

Originally from the southern part of India, entrepreneurs Joy VR and Jino Joy married and moved to Mumbai, the capital and financial center of India, in 2008. In 2009 the newly married couple began to hear disturbing news about farmers in their new home state of Maharashtra committing suicide because of debt and hardship, and the couple began to pray about what the Lord would have them do. Born into Christian families, Jino and Joy felt that they had a calling to make a change. After traversing throughout the nation and visiting various rural villages, they developed a passion for Business As a Mission which resulted in the launch of their Agribusiness, Joshua Farms. 

This podcast puts on display Jino and Joy’s passion for using their skills, educational and social connections, and finances to glorify God (Matthew 25:14-30). In the interview, you will hear how Joshua Farms has generated employment opportunities to address unemployment and poverty, the greatest challenge facing India today, and how their business has helped reduce suicide among farmers in India. You will also hear from Poh Sim Saw, Regional Director of Asia Pacific attest to the couple’s deep passion and commitment to the Kingdom Impact of Joshua Farms not only in India but internationally. 

As we count down to Nehemiah Week, shall Joy V R and Jino Joy of India’s Joshua Farms be the next winner of the International Business Plan Competition? To participate and find out, register for Nehemiah Week at Nehemiah Week 2022

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