2021 Nehemiah Week Business Plan Winner

Rina Hicks, winner of Nehemiah Week’s 2021 International Business Plan Competition returns to the podcast to reflect on her year and offer encouragement to those competing in the Nehemiah Week 2022 competition As part of completing the Nehemiah Project’s BE (Biblical Entrepreneurship Program), Rina not only won all three BE (country, regional and international) competitions in 2021, but she set a historical precedent when she raised the quality bar for the business plan presentation (watch the 2021 Nehemiah Week International Business Plan Competition here). Rina’s 2021 victory brought the International Business Plan Competition trophy to Africa for the second year in a row. 

Mrs. Hicks serves as Operations Director and directs the Corporate Finance Advisory Unit in their family-owned Faida Investment Bank in Nairobi, Kenya. Founded in 1994, Faida provides investment opportunities and corporate finance advisory services in Kenya and Rwanda, and is licensed and regulated by the capital markets authority in Kenya www.fib.co.ke

Rina’s greatest passion, however, lies in exhorting and helping people take responsibility for the resources God has given them so that they can thrive and live abundantly. Through the company for which she won the 2021 Business Plan Competition, RH Group Limited, Mrs. Hicks empowers her clients to be financially free to pursue their God-given purpose by helping them successfully manage their finances and make financial plans aligned to their values and goals. Using her online course “Investible,” and in collaborative partnerships with various institutions, Rina has trained and coached over 5,000 individuals to be financially free. Displayed in her 2016 book “Money-Wise: Create, Grow & Preserve Wealth” and her YouTube Channel, "Money-Wise with Rina Hicks" which has more than 33,000 subscribers, and over 1.3 million Jews worldwide, Rina’s vision is of Africans propelled to greater heights in the management of their finances, and an African continent of financially secure families. 

While balancing marriage and three children, Rina was recently voted ‘top 10 women to watch in 2022 in Banking and Finance in Africa’ (Angaza Awards 2022). She is a glorious inspiration to all current and aspiring Biblical Entrepreneurs around the world. As Keynote Speaker at Nehemiah Week’s August 19 2022 Business Plan Competition, Rina promises to challenge, encourage and light a fire of Operational Excellence that will burn in every participant’s heart. In advance of Nehemiah Week 2022, Rina offers these personal words of encouragement to all attendees: “The International Business Plan competition will inspire you and encourage you whether you are starting your business or have been in business for a long time. The quality of business plans presented and the way they are presented will also be an opportunity for you to think about your business in ways you may never have. The valuable feedback given to the pitches and entrepreneurs will help you broaden your perspective and help you with your own!”

To the business plan competitors, Rina says, “The process of preparing for this competition is rigorous! It gets tiring and at some point, I even wondered “who sent me here!!??” The fact that you are here means you are already a winner, congratulations!! The networks, mentorship, and growth in confidence will take you to a whole new level! Well done on having come this far. I wish you all the best as you implement your plans.” 

As we count down to Nehemiah Week August 15-20, we wait in eager anticipation to find out to whom Mrs. Rina Hicks will hand over the mantle of the winner of the 2022 Nehemiah Week Business Plan Competition. That's it receive a limited-time 50% off discount pricing on the Full Conference Package for Nehemiah Week 2022 (includes Business Plan Competition), please click HERE.

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