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Living in Purpose

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Living in Purpose means aligning your values and beliefs with what truly matters to you.

On this podcast, Chief Servant Officer Patrice Tsague talks to Mr. Yannik Mckie, founder and center director of Living in Purpose.

Mr. Yannik Mckie, an expert on purpose and mental toughness says that mental toughness is the ability to be able to leverage pain for the benefit of purpose. Losing both his parents before turning 16 years old, Yannik got first-hand experience in learning how to turn obstacles into stepping stone.

As a young man, Yannik was struggling to cope with the effects of his father’s extramarital affair. Trying to understand why God allowed him to go through such pain, he had difficulties trying to navigate his manhood and purpose.

It was only much later that he understood that within all of that aggravation was reason and purpose. At times we need to get to the reason and the thriving, attempting to avoid difficulties. He continues to sy that he understood that more often than not, it’s really inside that torment that we will track down our most noteworthy degree of direction.

As a mental toughness coach, Yannik helps executives and entrepreneurs around the make better decisions in the midst of their challenges so that they can maximize their peace, productivity, and passion for life.

On that journey to find your purpose it is important to not lose your hope. Remember that God loves you and that your pain, whatever it is, can be leveraged for purpose. Let someone know you’re struggling. Ask for help. Keep your hope alive. Do not suffer in silence. You are not alone.

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