Biblical Entrepreneurship Essentials

Biblical entrepreneurship essentials are important especially when it comes to doing business God’s way. The times we are living in hasn’t made it easier but the truth is God has a plan for everyone who has submitted everything to him. Mark Brown who is the founder of New Life SDA church says that doing business doesn’t mean that you have to do it the world’s way. There is an opportunity to do business as per what the Kingdom of God wants. This is why in their church they have life groups in which they come together with entrepreneurs to pray, learn and encourage each other to do better. Mr. Brown says that Christianity is not a one-time thing, instead, it is something we have to practice consistently and incorporate into our daily lives. Because of this, he saw the need to start digital evangelism to basically reach people from all over the world and pray with them because the truth is we all need it. He adds that despite churches opening soon, the digital ministry will live on and continue to serve its purpose. Covid might have thrown people off balance but Mr. Brown says he believes that there is God’s message in the whole thing and all we have to do is to listen and let God be God in our lives.

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