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What’s the Plan


What’s the Plan? What is God calling us to do?

Future planning not only helps to clarify and bring together the best ideas, but it also helps to establish solid partnerships.
Each of us has big plans for the future, but praying about them helps us put them in place. Listening to God and going where He leads you will help you pivot. Talking with God allows you to change your plans and steer them in the proper path. When you include God in your plans, He revitalizes your creativity, resulting in excellent execution.
When we are walking in our purpose and calling, we are not always realistic about our bandwidth or capacity, and we end up setting ourselves up for failure and mediocrity. We become disoriented, upset, and disillusioned, and we ultimately set ourselves up for failure.
When planning what we want to do and devising the most efficient means to get there, we must be practical. It is not necessarily about doing what we have always done, as there may be other concepts. Allowing God to take charge of our plans will guide us in the correct route.
One of the most important things for entrepreneurs who want to make an impression in the market to consider is business best practices, which are a collection of principles, ethics, or ideas that represent the most efficient or wise course of action in a specific business circumstance.
We must match our best practices with biblical ideas when developing them. This assists us in clarifying and reflecting our convictions. As we seek to expand our enterprises, we should consider how they will affect others around us.
We will be able to do what God has asked us to do if we wrap our plans around His word.
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