Women in Business Within the Hispanic Community

Women in Business Within the Hispanic Community

Hispanic Community


Women in Business Within the Hispanic Community

Hispanic community is comprised of people who are family-oriented and usually when they build something, they tend to bring everyone they know.

Mrs. Ana Maria Lowry, the director of the soon-to-be-open Orlando E-Community Center, shares details of the Hispanic Community and what it means to be a businesswoman in this community. She says that generally Latinos are women of perseverance and as much they have been deeply affected during this pandemic, you’ll see them now bouncing back to try to make impacts.

Ana Maria adds that it is important to own it to build a brand because a brand is nothing if you do not live by what you say you offer. Also, business changes depending on the region so make sure you learn your ways of doing business according to the region, it will benefit your business. Women need to work together and join in efforts to build greater things.

The Hispanic community practices this so much and they believe in asking for help when you need it. This in return helps because different people come with different ideas which in turn help the business. Also, if you find businesses that you can do with others, please bring them in.

Unity is the backbone of every business and for unity to prevail, support has to be key, which could be as simple as praying for one another. As you do this, try to identify your purpose and if what you are doing is in line with what God wants you to do. Everything becomes simpler when it is in line with your purpose.

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