Take A Breathe | Health and Longevity Secrets

Take A Breath | Health and Longevity Secrets

Are you a good starter or finisher?


When it comes to health and longevity secrets, the trick is in what you put in your body. Bodies are temples that need all the nurturing.

Women in business rarely pay attention to their health instead, all they do is give to make sure everything around them grows. Businesses are important but so are our bodies.

Always find time to get that alone time with God to allow you re-center and focus.

Since bodies are temples, be conscious of what you put in your temples. Dr. Clarke emphasizes how important it is to protect your most important assets and in this case, that asset is your health. She goes ahead to explain that longevity has nothing to do with genetics, geographical location but it is in your lifestyle which translates into your ability to turn on and off certain diseases.

A health journey can be very challenging, do not be afraid to ask for all the assistance as you go through this journey.

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