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Women in Business Podcast| A Year in Review


The Women in Business Podcast was launched a year ago  by Wendie Klem and Debrah Schlant.

The goal of this podcast was to provide Women in Business with a message of hope as they go about their daily lives as entrepreneurs.

Wendie and Debrah started this podcast with little experience in producing podcasts, but they were determined to deliver clarity to women in business on how to establish and sustain a profitable firm, create profitability, and impact others around them.

Due to their hectic schedules, Debrah and Wendie meet once a week for thirty minutes to address the problems that women face in business and to provide a venue for them to express themselves.

According to Debrah Schlant, while we may want things to be flawless and go exactly as planned, this is not always the case. We must acknowledge that there is always an element of the unknown, but we must act in trust and obedience to what we are asked to accomplish. If we commit to doing our part, the Lord will do his as well.

Wendie Klem believes that as they continue to share their God-given resources with biblical entrepreneurs through the Women in Business Podcast, she hopes that women will be able to take away pearls of wisdom for their own benefit.

One of the focuses of this podcast was collaboration, especially in the face of commercial obstacles. It is well known that women do not have the best reputation for working together without being competitive, but the Women in Business Podcast urges women to collaborate since they may do more when they work together.

Debrah and Wendie spend their time generating these podcasts, but they also have personal ambitions that they manage to fit into their businesses and families. This is an excellent example of collaboration. Taking the time to understand and embrace each other’s uniqueness fosters teamwork. There is strength in working together to attain a common goal.

One year into the podcast, the series has had a lot of guests discussing various themes involving Women in Business, and the reception has been quite positive.

Working your strategy, according to a true testimony from the Women in Business Podcast! And then wait to see what the Lord will accomplish for you. Even if you have to pivot, always keep to your original plan.

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