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Women in Business


Women in Business Life Group is a platform that empowers female entrepreneurs and helps them to grow their businesses

Our hosts Wendie Klem and Debra Schlaht are joined by Vancouver Center Director and Business Development Assistant Elisabeth Ingram as the newest member of the project.

Many women in business tend to compete rather than work together to grow and learn. The women in business however brings together women who share the same vision so that they are able to grow and work together and see each other succeed in their businesses.

Elisabeth Ingram says that God has pushed her towards bringing together women in business and although sometimes we may be too busy to develop new friendships and connections, it is important to have a tribe and this is her number one goal. Just to have a group of women who can support each other and honor God at the same time. Like building a small army of women for God!

The Women in Business Life Support Group started with a vision of rising up other women in leadership in the United States and around the world. Debra Schlaht challenges women to identify other women they feel they can grow with or mentor into leadership positions. She also urges women to have the ability to release some of the responsibilities so that they can grow.

Women in Business provides resources that are helpful in terms of running businesses sharing best practices, biblical principles and bringing in the supernatural in operational excellence. It is important to always listen to God’s voice in everything we do and women in business life group guides female entrepreneurs towards that.

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