The Power of Purpose

The Power of Purpose

Do you REALLY forgive and forget!


The Power of Purpose

The Power of Purpose guides us towards getting the right direction in our lives. It is what guides us towards the calling we are set for. Different factors propel us towards our purpose including who we are, what our personalities are, why we think the way we do, our communication styles among many other factors which create our identities.

Lorna Mutegi, a director at Mirema Schools tells us about how we were all given special powers before we’re born and that along the way things happen to us that make us doubt our abilities and purpose but we should not give up on ourselves in order to keep touch with our identities.

Before finding your identity, even finding words to describe who you are can be quite a challenge. We however need to remember that God created us as His own and He has a purpose for each of us. That way, we will be able to find ourselves without struggle and conflict.

When we let God take control we will easily align ourselves with our destiny and God’s intended purpose for us. Knowing our identity teaches us to listen and get clear confirmation from God that we are on the right path doing the right thing.

Certain factors can help us find ourselves such as Identity and Purpose courses or Biblical Entrepreneurship courses by Nehemiah Project.

As we try to find our purpose, we need to take time to meditate, pray and seek validation from God, that way along our journey we will be able to establish a strong relationship with Him and ourselves.

Remember, once you find your identity, you’ll find your purpose and once you find your purpose you’ll find your assignment.

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