The 3 P's of planning

The 3 P’s of planning interrupts!

Do you REALLY forgive and forget!


The 3 P’s of planning interrupts!

The 3P’s of planning interrupts. Despite all the plans we tend to always put in place for our lives or our businesses, often enough not everything goes according to how we planned or intended it to be. This may weigh us down and at times make us give up on everything including ourselves.  Wende Jones, Founder of Agile Northwest who is also the Executive Director and Chair of the Christian Chamber of Commerce, takes us through three steps to take when facing redirection.

In the event of planning and creating new ideas, we need to keep in mind that although we expect everything to be better after planning and mapping, God may redirect our steps in the path He thinks is best for us. Why? Because we might be serving new wine in old wineskins!  Although we may think we have everything figured out on our own when facing redirection, we need to trust God to lead us into the path He thinks is best for us.

Surrender everything to God and allow Him to handle things for us. Let him prepare us for the shift to the direction He wants us to go. A change in direction may destabilize our business journey and most of us may want to move on to the next thing but we need to take the time to process our feelings towards the shift. It is ok to grieve and feel frustrated but if we don’t take the time to process, we’ll always be dragged behind. Processing the shift and redirection helps us to welcome healing and clarity to move on.

After processing comes prayer. Listen to God’s voice. Stop trying to pray God into where you want Him to take you. Instead, trust His voice, His redirection. We should allow God to empty us so that He can fill us up with new ideas.  By accepting and changing toward God’s redirection we will get clarity and understand why God encouraged and initiated the shift.

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