Nehemiah Week 2021

Nehemiah Week 2021

Do you REALLY forgive and forget!


Nehemiah Week 2021

The Nehemiah Week 2021 is a power-packed week designed to equip and inspire Kingdom Business leaders. It is an eventful week where entrepreneurs come together to reflect on how God is impacting their businesses. Due to the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, Nehemiah Week 2021 will have a Virtual Kingdom Tour of Kingdom companies from various regions of the world.

Through the tour and discussions with the owners, we will learn about their current strategy for expansion and risk management in the midst of the pandemic, how they are dealing with job creation and retention, as well as how they are able to remain profitable while impacting the Kingdom.  There’s also going to be a series of phenomenal keynote speakers touching on this year’s theme-THRIVE THROUGH CRISIS, accompanied by daily devotions prepared by global pastors and religious leaders.

During the conference, there is going to be an online forum where people can connect and share information in virtual breakout sessions. We also have the Investors Forum Even where we get to find out who has been doing what, how far they are in their projects and then they pitch for investor’s capital. After undergoing a Biblical Entrepreneurship Course, Nehemiah International gives its students a chance to pitch their business ideas during Nehemiah Week.

This year we have four candidates from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America competing for a grand prize of 5000 U.S Dollars. We also have the People’s Choice Award where the registered audience will vote for their favorite contestant who will win 1000 U.S Dollars. Our final event will be the State of the Ministry Event where we will learn about the global impact Nehemiah Project and hear from our Regional Directors themselves. The event will feature Jeff Shafer, founder, and CEO of Common Good Capital as our keynote speaker. Come and listen to stories from global entrepreneurs and receive the opportunity to become a business/job sponsor and support the global vision in creating 100K jobs.


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