Leadership requires a lot of courage, character and conquest.

As leaders, we frequently come across things that don’t appear to be right, but we opt to turn a blind eye because we lack the courage to confront the situation.

In the Bible however, we see the example of Esther as a leader full of courage and wisdom. She is depicted as a humble leader who did not think more of herself. As a leader, Esther always puts others’ needs before her own.
Esther’s leadership is timely. It came at a time when Jews were being persecuted. As a leader, she took a stand for her people and defended them. She cared enough about others to use her leadership to defend them. She would have chosen not to identify as a Jew at the time, but when she saw what was about to happen to her people, she bowed down to save them.
This demonstrates that God sets us in situations that we may not see as leadership opportunities, but everything happens for a reason. God reveals the solutions to us when we have faith in Him.
Esther had a strong faith in God. For guidance, she listened to God’s voice. She never acted in her own strength or authority. And it was because of this that she was able to achieve great things. Despite all of the benefits that came with being queen and a leader, Esther maintained her humility and willingness to learn. She actually listened to people who knew more than she did.
As entrepreneurs, Esther teaches us that being coachable and listening to others allows us to tap into their favor as well as the favor of our clients or those we serve. Being coachable allows us to open opportunities and make better judgments.
Despite the difficulties she faced, Esther did not believe that leadership meant dominating with an iron hand, but rather that it meant adopting strategic preparation to attain your goals. Esther refused to be consumed by her role as a leader. She was soft-spoken, which helped her achieve what she desired. In the end, she was able to defeat her enemies.
When we achieve our objectives as leaders, we must always remember to give thanks to God. Recognizing and thanking God for all He has done enables us to tackle new problems with bravery and compassion for one another.
“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” -Deut 31:6
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