Engaging the New Workforce

Engaging the New Workforce | TAKE A BREATH

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Engaging the New Workforce | TAKE A BREATH

Engaging the new workforce is crucial for company development. Janae Willis-Beard says that in today’s society, the workplace is experiencing competing cultures and although differences may occur, we need to learn to understand and embrace each other. The new generation comes with a lot of vocal abilities where they want to see the impact and create change.

When a company gets to a breaking point where they need to move to the next levels engaging a new generation workforce can be the key to unlocking new potential. However, for startups, the best way to get the needed workforce is by partnering with a local university with a strong business school and offers an internship program. This way both the community and the company benefit from the business. It is also good to put into consideration that using local resources to move the company to the next level is quite inexpensive.

Developing a strong internship program for the company exposes the business to different professionals with different levels of knowledge thereby expanding the scope of operations. As we have seen or experienced, many times students successfully graduate from school only to find that there are “no jobs”. Some of whom have the skillset needed to propel the company to greater levels. Mentoring and helping new graduates come into the workplace for experience prevents them from making career mistakes.

As employers looking to benefit from the new workforce, one needs to ensure that hiring is done after the interns have carefully gone through the company’s blueprint and everything they need to be conversant with to ensure successful induction into the company.  Also, before welcoming the new workforce, one should ensure that the company is not in its busy season so that the new employees are comfortable before really going into the job. This way, the new workforce, and companies experience a win-win.


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