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Couples in business

Couples in business should be governed by three things. Best practices, biblical principles and the super natural.

One of the finest practices for every couple that runs a business, according to Gina Tsague, co-founder of Nehemiah Project International Ministries, is to make it a family business, as this is God’s ideal.

We glorify God via our enterprises, so it’s a family business regardless of who God provided the business concept to, whether it’s the husband or the wife. The positions in the business may differ, depending on the season of the marriage. Viewing the company as a family business can help couples set expectations and figure out how to take advantage of the other spouse’s talents.

Knowing the season in which your marriage is in can help you set expectations, understand the rules of engagement, and affirm responsibilities in your business. Good communication between couples in business is a best practice since it helps them avoid misunderstandings and clearly identify priorities as a family and as a family in business. Best practices, regardless of the stage of the company, assist couples in understanding their roles and duties within the family and the company.

Even if the spouse does not play a direct role in the business, it is crucial to remember that they are partners in everything, including the business. Understanding this enables couples in business to support one another as vessels that the Lord uses to aid in the fulfillment of God’s image in oneness. It’s crucial to give heed to your spouse because they can see things differently than you or your coworkers.

Understanding the seasons you’re in as a couple in business is a biblical principle that can help you support one other in any situation you’re in with ease. As a couple in business, trusting in God helps you support one another in moments of uncertainty and doubt.

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