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Are you Doing or Leading?


Are you Leading or Doing?

Leaders often prefer to do the work themselves rather than lead others to do it. The reason for this is that there is a fine line between management and leadership and it is important to know the difference because that’s what separates leading from doing.

Leadership is about being mission based. It is knowing what needs to be accomplished while management is knowing what needs to be done in order to get the accomplishments. Leadership is creative and innovative and looking for solutions where management is about rules and policies.

A leader inspires and motivates people while a manager focuses on controlling people and the outcome. While leadership is focusing on optimizing the team, management is focused on the execution of a process. Leadership is often intangible where management is looking for measurable results. This means that as a leader in any given department, you need to make that shift and allow others who can do the managing, do the managing for you.

As business leaders, it is inevitable to face risks and uncertainty and sometimes that is what pushes us to doing instead of leading. There is always going to be the unknown but we should always have faith and allow God to figure out things for us.

Leaders don’t always wait to see if anyone else is going to step up. When something needs done, they take the initiative. This is where leading versus doing comes in and it requires courage, a quality forged from discipline and determination.

To move from doing to leading is asking God first. Let Him reveal His will for you. Then move with discipline and avoid distractions and also, have an accountability partner. As leaders, having an accountability partner helps you look for solutions and not stick to just doing.

No matter the known or unknown consequences always lean on God and let Him take care of everything.

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