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God First!

God First!

Starting the day with God comes with a lot of stillness and calm. It helps us focus and redirect our thoughts to the right things. Putting God first grounds our thoughts and helps us set the day with intentionality and purpose.

Rachael McCants of R.Lindsay Unlimited says that as entrepreneurs, many times we are not under any pressure to go about our daily operations using schedules but starting the day with God is one way we can focus and align ourselves with the right things during the day.

It is not every day that our usual activities go according to plan.  However, finding God’s voice in the midst of unpleasant situations is what grounds us. God uses all our experiences to help and direct us toward finding our purpose. No matter what we go through we should always remember to start our days with God because it is during the toughest of times that He shines the brightest.

We may not be too thrilled or excited with the process of finding our purpose but stopping every morning to listen to God’s voice helps us work towards the purpose God set for us. It is during the times when we feel like we are going through tough times that we need to take time and rest in God’s peace. We need not be too occupied with what is happening around us but redirect our attention toward God.

Starting the day by committing it to God helps us realize that with every task that is ahead of us, He is already working for our good. It helps us see that He is in control of every situation and we need not worry about anything. God is the source of everything. Everything else is a resource.

We are not too busy to start our days with God. We should form a habit of always taking time to listen to God’s voice and everything else will fall into place without struggle.

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