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Blinger – An Entrepreneur’s Faith-Based Journey

Blinger’s is one of those stories that starts with a dream. It wasn’t simply any dream; it was a divine revelation.

Angie Cella, author of Blinger: An Entrepreneur’s Faith-Based Journey, tells us about her tale and how she came to found Blinger, and it all starts with a dream.

As Christians, we may have varied experiences with God’s manifestation and direction at different times in our life. God’s manifestation validates our thoughts and assists us in focusing, believing, attracting, and working on them.

Entrepreneurs who have a great concept and believe in it, and who put their faith in God with that idea, God gives them the strength to keep going despite the problems they may face, since He never sends us things we can’t manage.

Perseverance, according to the Bible, develops character and the ability to overcome obstacles. That we should make sacrifices and devote time to building our enterprises in order to accomplish what God has called us to. Despite how difficult our journey may be, we are encouraged to press on because the difficulties may simply be God’s test of faith.

When God calls us to be His stewards and to conduct His business, we must trust that he will lead us in the right direction. For the Blinger’s trip to be successful, it required four years of perseverance, pain, and tenacity. This demonstrates the need of trusting in God throughout our business’s seasons. The seasons that are bountiful outnumber the seasons that are difficult.

Because we know we have been firmly affirmed by God, it is simpler to take time to accomplish other things when everything is in line with our faith. It isn’t about finding a balance because we must alter our emphasis at some time.

Remember that God is trustworthy enough to respond to our prayers. All we have to do now is double-check that we’re asking the appropriate question.

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