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Being an Enthusiastic Worker


Being an Enthusiastic Worker

Enthusiastic people tend to be more productive and creative, energizing those around them — while being enthusiastic can also lead to increased levels of loyalty and engagement. At every level of an organization, enthusiasm is contagious. The right attitude and behavior can affect the productivity of everyone on your team or even in your department.

In the Bible, the Proverbs 31 Woman is an enthusiastic worker, she is filled with purpose and she is excited about what the day was going to bring. As an enthusiastic woman, she is focused on what matters most to God and her family. She has leadership qualities that are used to accomplish the assignment that God has given her and she is afraid to use it worrying about what others will think.\

The Proverbs 31 enthusiastic woman exercises good decision-making skills and every aspect of her life searching for wisdom and understanding through the word of God. And although there are days she may have a hard time getting some things done, she excels at whatever tasks she’s given, because, she’s working for God and not for man. The fulfillment of her purpose is more important than what she feels that day.

The modern woman can emulate her to become an enthusiastic worker by making sure that she is in proper alignment and knows who she is working for. Although we may delight in the work of our hands, some days might be tough but through it all, we need to only focus on the most important things and complete those tasks with excellence. Being an enthusiastic worker also means doing what needs to be done without complaint with a grateful heart.

One of the greatest things enthusiastic workers do for themselves is to always look for wisdom and learning from others but the bottom line is the Lord Christ who we are serving every day. So let’s do it with enthusiasm. Always seek favor from God and serve with a joyful and cheerful heart.

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