Priorities can be defined as matters that are really important and must be addressed first.

Because of the various obligations they have on their plates, it can be difficult for businesswomen to achieve a sense of balance in their life. From work to taking care of the kids to taking care of the house, there’s a lot to do. The list goes on and on. Still, all of this is grouped together at the top of the priority list and this can be quite exhausting.

Women need to have a correct alignment of their list in order to create a balance of priorities, despite all of the wants and requirements on their plates.

Lydia, a successful entrepreneur who managed to get her priorities straight and ultimately succeed, is depicted in the Bible. She quickly realized that everything she had before her conversion, including her home, business, and possessions, now belonged to the Lord. She placed God at the top of her priority list. Her career aspirations did not hinder her from sharing the gospel with family and friends.

Lydia offered her home for ministry, and we can see that she surrounded herself with the appropriate people, which aided her in making the right decisions.

Often times as entrepreneurs we may feel like we need to take control of every aspect of our businesses and that we don’t need help which can be quite overwhelming. Lydia accepted help and this accelerated the success of her business. We need to let people help us so that we can do more with our abilities and make priorities of other things.

Making God our priority helps us align ourselves in the right way. Lydia’s priority was to worship God which she did even with all her responsibilities. She still had time for God. Another thing Lydia prioritized was her family. Even though work had its place, her family was given importance as needed.

Technology has made our jobs easier by allowing us to work from anywhere while prioritizing the things and people that matter to us. Work should not define us, but rather assist the Lord’s work.

Remember to prioritize God, Family, and Work in this sequence. If you align yourself with God, all else will fall into place.

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