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Golf For Change-Urban Impact with Jim Beatty

Breaking the color barrier in golf


Golf as a whole offers a lot of opportunities for people to develop professional contacts and form friendships. It has been found to improve intergenerational interaction and provide opportunities to strengthen social bonds.

Golf, according to Jim Beatty, President of Jim Beatty Golf Ventures, brings people together to build economic development and connections, which serves as a basis for people’s continued personal development.

Every year, Jim Beatty Golf Ventures hosts tournaments in which people from all over the country gather to learn how to play golf. This is in line with the event’s original goal of providing a networking forum for the golf industry. Golf offers long-term careers for everyone in the picture, in addition to giving networking opportunities. This opens up opportunities for those seeking employment.

Teaching children golf at an early age instills in them values such as discipline, respect, and integrity, among others. As a result, a generation of excellent people is raised in society. Having mentors from an early age and at any stage of life helps us develop our skills, talents, and abilities while also encouraging us to be our best selves.

Jim Beatty Golf Ventures exists to create a platform for people to come together as a community and express themselves while also building valuable relationships and creating change within the community.

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