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The power of a transformational mission statement

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Definition of Serve with Love
To intentionally put the needs of others before your own with care and compassion

Serve with Love Conference and Book

Based on the book Serve with Love
on Burgerville’s transformation to a mission-led company

Do you have a transformational mission statement? Is your mission statement lived out by your team? Are your stakeholders impacted by your mission?

Serve with Love Conference is an interactive discussion and training based on the book Serve with Love authored by Tom Mears to help individuals and organizations understand the power of a transformative mission statement through real-life case studies and hands-on activities.

By the end of the conference, attendees will be able to:

  • Develop a personal purpose statement so you can bring greater clarity to your life
  • Develop a new or enhance an existing transformational corporate mission statement to increase your profitability and impact
  • Recognize a real-life case study about the impact of a transformational mission statement in an organization so you can model it
  • Identify key stakeholders that your mission must serve to ensure that your mission execution is holistic and comprehensive
  • Develop action plans to ensure that your stakeholders who are served through your mission statement are properly integrated throughout your organization


Tom Mears - Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community

Tom Mears
Chairman of Burgerville U.S.A. and Holland Inc.

Jennifer Mears circle - Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community

Jennifer Mears
President of Holland Inc.

Pastor Noela Lumande - Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community

Pastor Noela Monday
Pastor, Word of Salvation Church, Paris

patrice tsague - Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community

Patrice Tsague
Chief Servant Officer, Nehemiah Project

Pastor Brad e1549109938970 - Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community

Pastor Brad Makowski
Lead Pastor, Anthem Church, Oregon

Debra Schlaht circle - Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community

Debra Schlaht
Director of Training & Coaching, Nehemiah Project

Wendie Klem circle - Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community

Wendie Klem
Regional Director of North America, Nehemiah Project

Conference Agenda

9: 10 AM - 9 AM: 15 AM Opening Prayer - Pastor Brad Makowski
9: 15 AM - 9 AM: 30 AM Worship
9: 30 AM - 9 AM: 35 AM Overview and Introduction
9: 35 AM - 9 AM: 45 AM Why Serve with Love - Patrice Tsague
9: 45 AM - 10 AM: 45 AM The Burgerville Story – Tom Mears
10: 45 AM - 11 AM: 00 AM break
11: 00 AM - 12 AM: 00 PM Defining Your Purpose Statement - Jennifer Mears
12: 00 PM - 1 PM: 00 PM Lunch
1: 00 PM - 1 PM: 15 PM Worship
1: 15 PM - 2 PM: 45 PM Serve with Love Case Studies

  • Business Case Study – Jennifer and Tom Mears
  • Church Case Study - Pastor Noela Lumande
2: 45 PM - 3 PM: 00 PM break
3: 00 PM - 4 PM: 00 PM Clarifying your mission statement and how to put it into action (Breakout Groups)

  • Individuals and Families – Debra Schlaht et Wendie Klem
  • Churches and Ministries – Patrice Tsague and Pastor Noela Monday
  • Businesses and Entrepreneurs – Tom and Jennifer Mears
4: 00 PM - 4 PM: 15 PM break
4: 15 PM - 5 PM: 00 PM Conclusion - Patrice Tsague
5: 00 PM - 5 PM: 15 PM Closing Comments and Prayer – Tom Mears and Pastor Brad Makowski

Breakout groups available and ideal for:


Special thanks to the following partners/sponsors for helping us to make this conference a reality.

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For more information or inquiries, please contact wendi@nehemiahproject.org or call (407) 808-9025.

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