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Nehemiah Week 2022 Day 4 Recap

Nehemiah Week 2022 Day 6 Recap

Guys, yesterday we marked Nehemiah Week 2022 Day 4! Can you believe it?

We are now in the final days of Nehemiah Week, and the energy is high! We have had some great sessions on our main topic: Operational Excellence.

Yesterday we took it further to ‘Financing Your Business for Operational Excellence. In case you missed it, we will recap some of the main points.

We are not yet done though! Friday and Saturday still have some more powerful sessions lined up!.

On Friday, we’ll be hosting the International Business Plan Competition, and on Saturday, we’ll have a coaching session with David Benham. You don’t want to miss that!

So register today for Nehemiah Week! This link will give you a 75% discount!

An Overview of Nehemiah Week 2022 Day 4

Here’s how Nehemiah Week 2022 Day 4 went;


We started the day with a powerful devotion from Pastor Gabriel Oleko. He reminded us that challenges are part of life and they should not stop us from pursuing our dreams.

“Every challenge we face is an opportunity to go to something better,” he said. And despite our challenges, we should always strive to do excellent work. 

“Whatever you do with excellence you get excellent results from it.”

Financing Your Business for Operational Excellence

This week’s theme of Operational Excellence explored the challenge of growth in the face of change on Day Two, and the challenge of creating systems to weather the storms of crisis on Day Three.

Yesterday’s focus was on the challenge of financing your business.

Edward Fitzpatrick, Founder of ILOCX, discussed alternatives to debt and equity financing for businesses. 

“With debt financing, you get into debt; with equity financing, you sell a part of your company. These are the most common ways to get financing, and they mainly place the investor first. But there is one type that places the company and entrepreneur first: Revenue-based financing!”

According to Fitzpatrick, Revenue-based financing allows entrepreneurs to keep more control of their business, and which entrepreneur does not desire greater control over their business?

To learn more about this alternative financing, sign up here! Patrice and Edward will host a free revenue-based financing seminar on September 15, at 11:30am – 12:30pm EDT. 

Global Kingdom Investment Forum

This session began with Patrice introducing the Global Kingdom Investment Network (GKIN) of the Nehemiah Project International Ministries. 

GKIN matches vetted and qualified Biblical Entrepreneurs with trusted Kingdom Investors wishing to make a Kingdom Impact in the lives and businesses of Biblical Entrepreneurs. 

A panel of investment experts joined Patrice Tsague to discuss “Financing your Business for Operational Excellence.”

Our panelists were: Rina Hicks, Jeff Shafer, Ron Wilkinson, and Edward Fitzpatrick.

Speaking of businesses in Africa, Rina reported that only 8% make it to series-B financing due to poor growth planning and execution. Simply put, without Operational Excellence, financing your business becomes a challenge.

According to Jeff, it is essential for businesses to have a clear understanding of their financial situation before seeking financing from investors. “It builds the capacity of what you can grow into.”

Ron agreed with Jeff and added that businesses also need to be well-equipped with the right tools and keep up with the trends in the industry. “It’s all about tech, accounting, tools, and regulations.”

In addition, Ron advised, “You must operate like a serious business and think about the end game. How and when will you pay your investors?”

Edward Fitzpatrick echoed the sentiment and added that businesses should show potential investors a clear path to profitability.

Following the forum, current beneficiaries of the GKIN network shared their testimonies and status of their businesses due to the partnerships with GKIN investors. 

The final event of the day was a pitch by a married Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE) couple to a panel of investors. Seeking $10,000 for systems development and scaling, the couple made a ten-minute presentation and faced penetrating questions from the investors. You too can participate in the process of raising capital for your business by joining Nehemiah’s BE Program

Nehemiah Week 2022 Day Four was all about financing your business. We heard from some leading investment experts and amazing entrepreneurs. 

If you still haven’t signed up for Nehemiah Week 2022, you are missing out!

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See you all soon!

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