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A Recap of Nehemiah Week 2022 Day 2

Nehemiah Week 2022 Day 6 Recap

Nehemiah Week 2022 Day 2 just went down yesterday!  We had an amazing day with our guest speakers. Here’s how our program went: 


The Nehemiah Week 2022 Day 2 program started with devotion by Pastor Noela Lumande, who emphasized that change is inevitable. 

As business leaders, however, we must learn to adapt to change and use it to our advantage. 

“Change shouldn’t kill your dreams, it is an opportunity to bring up the dream, vision, and leadership within us.”

Operational Excellence

This was followed by a talk by Patrice Tsague who talked about Operational Excellence. What does it mean to operate in excellence? 

It is a discipline we must cultivate in ourselves and instill in our teams to consistently produce quality results.

 “The highest calling we have as Biblical entrepreneurs is to be the witnesses of God. You must operate in excellence at all times!” 

Building Your Adaptive Advantage

Susan Schramm came in to talk about ‘Building Your Adaptive Advantage.

“Referring to Pastor Noela’s talk on the reality of change, Susan said that as entrepreneurs, we need to be adaptable so that we can survive and thrive in the midst of change. We need to have an adaptive advantage!

She went on to say that the first step to being adaptable is acknowledging that change is inevitable and that we need to embrace it instead of resisting it. We need to create a plan and take action steps that will help us weather any storm.

A Kingdom Company’s Journey to Excellence

We also had Julius Thiong’o, who talked about the 7S model, which he said is very relevant in the current business environment. 

The 7S model stands for Strategy, Structure, Systems, Skills, Style, Shared values, and Staff. 

He said that in order to be successful, organizations need to ensure that all of these elements are aligned and working together towards a common goal.

Setting Priorities

Andy Mason talked about the importance of setting priorities to continue to operate in excellence. 

He said that we need to be clear about our priorities so that we can focus on what’s important and let go of what’s not. “

A Biblical Key For Prosperity

The last guest speaker for Nehemiah Week 2022 Day 2 was Sorin Backer, who talked about ‘A Biblical Key For Prosperity’. “The words we speak condition our minds.”  

Our words have power, and we must be careful about what we say. We should speak words of life, hope, and faith.

We also had breakout sessions between speakers where participants could interact with each other and discuss what they had learned.

Nehemiah Week 2022 Day 2 was amazing, and if you’re not already signed up, you are missing a lot.

Today, we also have amazing guests lined up for you. So, register now and join us for a day of fun, learning, and networking!

You can also check out our post recap of Nehemiah Week Day one and the video on YouTube.

We hope to see you during the session today.

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