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Identity & Destiny Merges with Nehemiah Project

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Patrice Tsague
Chief Servant Officer
Nehemiah Project International Ministries

August 24th, 2018



Nehemiah Project International Ministries and Identity and Destiny are proud to announce the planned merger of their training and coaching curriculum to offer a unified program that will help guide others to discover their God-given purpose. An official announcement of the merger and further details of the integration will be shared during the Nehemiah Week 2018, Awards Luncheon Ceremony.

Founders from both the organizations, Patrice and Gina Tsague of Nehemiah Project together with Pam and Tom Wolf of Identity and Destiny over the last year, have been working on formalizing a partnership after discovering a mutual mission to guide others to find their God-given clarity, direction and fulfillment in life and business through biblically based entrepreneurship training and coaching programs.

Tom and Pam Wolf explain that “Identity and Destiny for the last 10 years have inspired countless of people to move beyond their fears, blocks and limiting beliefs into the abundant, purpose-filled lives God has planned, now an even bigger door has opened to continue this story. God has led us to make Identity and Destiny a legacy gift to Nehemiah Project to fulfill a greater purpose for this program.”

Patrice Tsague, Co-Founder and Cheif Servant Officer of Nehemiah Project explains that, “Identity and Destiny is now incorporated as one of the modules in the Biblical Entrepreneurship Executive Course and is the first phase of the Nehemiah Training ascension program model, because we believe that if you do not have clarity on your identity, nothing else matters.” Nehemiah Project trainers and coaches now have access to this material to incorporate into their practice as a stand-alone tool or as a complement to your existing program. They can just purchase it and use it as it is or they can get certified to learn best practices on how to use it in a way to get proven results. Join us for the merger announcement during the Nehemiah Week 2018, Awards Luncheon Ceremony to learn more details about this new integrated program.

About Nehemiah Project International Ministries

The Nehemiah Project International Ministries, Inc. (NPIM) is a business development and support organization that works in partnership with churches, marketplace ministries, educational institutions, associations and individuals around the world. The organization trains and supports kingdom companies through Biblical Entrepreneurship training, coaching, and access to capital. The Biblical Entrepreneurship training course has benefited thousands of entrepreneurs around the world by aligning their businesses with their values, increasing their top and bottom line while making a kingdom impact. The course is based on NPIM’s foundational 3 pillars of service. The first level consists of training, where entrepreneurship training is provided. Next level is Kingdom Business Coaching, where the best practice business tools to grow a kingdom business is administered. The final level is access capital through our Global Kingdom Investors Network while being connected through the Nehemiah E-Community. To learn more visit the official website at

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About Identity and Destiny

Identity and Destiny was founded by Tom and Pam Wolf who are also authors of the powerful book, Identity and Destiny – 7 Steps To A Purpose-Filled Life. It is a biblically based coaching program that is geared towards guiding others to better understand themselves, deepen their relationship with God and discover their God-given purpose. The program illustrates the belief that the discovery of your God-given purpose is the foundation on which all fruitful lives are built. A powerful tool for self-discovery, the program has reached over 16,000 people, sold thousands of books and trained 150 licensed facilitators. To find out more, visit the official website at

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