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You Matter


To matter means to feel valued and needed. It is about possessing a sense of significance. The entrepreneurial journey can often feel isolating and unrewarding. It’s a path filled with challenges and tests that can make you question your worth.

But here’s a reminder:


You matter to your family, as you provide for their well-being and dreams

You matter to your clients, as you fulfill their needs and expectations

You matter to your employees, as you offer them opportunities and livelihoods

You matter to your vendors, as you enable their businesses to thrive

You matter to your church, as you support its mission with your time, talent, and treasure

You matter to your community, as you act as a catalyst for positive change

You matter to God, as you represent His values and principles in your industry

And most importantly, you matter to us!


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That’s why we are dedicating the entire month of November to celebrate you!

With your dedication, your family can make ends meet.

With your commitment, your client’s needs will be satisfied.

Without you, your employees would be without jobs.

With your collaboration, your vendors can sustain their businesses.

With your involvement, your church can carry out its mission effectively.

With your engagement, your community gains a valuable change agent.

With your faith and principles, you become an ambassador for God in your industry.

Without you, our mission to build a global Kingdom business community would remain unfulfilled.

You matter to us, and your contributions are truly valued. Thank you for being an essential part of our community.

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