The last 7 days have been busy for continents around the world as they geared up for their annual Regional Business Plan Competition. Four different continents competed, including North America, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. After hours of hard work, determination, and grit, we are proud to congratulate this year’s regional Kingdom Business Plan Competition winners who will be continuing to the final leg of this race: The International Business Plan Competition at this year’s Nehemiah Week!

The Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community is a Kingdom-focused entrepreneurship training and coaching organization where Christian Entrepreneurs in various business stages from around the world find a supportive network of trusted Kingdom business trainers, coaches, and mentors as well as training and business support services to grow Kingdom businesses. The community includes an ecosystem of like-minded, shared-value entrepreneurs who are committed to building Kingdom businesses globally. There are currently 15 Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community Centers operated by the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community and its network of license partners in the United States and around.


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Jacob & Tiffany Quiñones

(North America – United States; Northwest Center)

Jacob and Tiffany Quinones are the founders of Kingdom Lifestyle Kleaning. After working for Corporate America for 20 years, they both felt a burning desire to launch their own business and enrolled in the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community Biblical Entrepreneurship training and coaching program with the goal of building a Kingdom company.  

Kingdom Lifestyle Kleaning is a South Florida-based residential and commercial cleaning company whose mission is to glorify Christ by serving people with quality and love.  Their vision is to be South Florida’s most trusted cleaning company. They generated $37K in their first year and project to do over $4 million by year 5, with about 18% profitability. Their Kingdom impact includes demonstrating their stewardship over the environment by using environmentally friendly products, providing superior services, discipling their employees, and using their profits to support Kingdom causes. Their goal is to eventually transition the business to their kids. 

Adrian Villar
(Latin America – Mexico – Mexico Center)

Adrian Villar is a founder and partner of Finerik Group. After graduating with a BBA in London, he decided to return home and join a project created to assist the last-mile delivery drivers around the city with a financial product that would assist them with the acquisition of the vehicle. This led him to choose to enroll in the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community’s Biblical Entrepreneurship training and coaching program, with the goal of incorporating Kingdom principles in the operation of his business as well as raising growth capital.

Finerik Group provides asset leasing to companies that would be ignored by big financial institutions. By removing as much bureaucracy as possible from the process, Finerik can receive leads and turn them into clients within as quick as 4 business days after making a risk assessment. As of today, Finerik has over 1 million USD in assets under management with clients all around Mexico, ranging from various industries – from computers to solar panels to yellow machinery. They aim to increase their portfolio of assets under management to 4.5 million USD by 2024, earning spreads of an average of 10% of interest rate per project. Their Kingdom Impact includes teaching SMEs about their finances before even attempting to sell a financial product to help the owners of the company understand how to better control the money – God’s money.

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claudia waithaka
(Africa – Kenya; Nairobi Center)

Claudia is the founder and managing director of Dawamu School. Prior to founding the school, Claudia received academic degrees, an IFC certification, and gained experience in advertising and farming. This led to three years ago when she first interacted with the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community. She then enrolled in the Biblical Entrepreneurship training and coaching program with the goal of improving her business and raising the necessary capital to expand her facilities. 

Dawamu School is a junior and senior secondary boarding school for boys with a special emphasis on imparting leadership skills and teaching them about the growing digital economy. With poverty and inequality being so prevalent in Africa, Dawamu School is to be the solution. A school that offers young boys skilled-based learning, prepares them for a life of responsibility, and transforms them into leaders all through their ‘Joseph Plan’; a model based on kinship by adoption where fostering a mentorship-based environment gives them the best chances at success. Having made a little over $1 million in revenue in 2023, Claudia is projecting to generate close to $2 million by year 4, with an annual average revenue growth of 30%. Her Kingdom impact is her passion for protecting the next generation of young boys, as well as the calling she feels to breathe life into what once seemed dead. She hopes for this seed of change to affect not just Kenya, but eventually all of Africa.

Nadya Koleva
(Europe – Bulgaria; The Bridge of Intersection Center)

Nadya Koleva is the founder and CEO of Emmanuel Family Center. After overcoming trials and tribulations in her past, she eventually came to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior leading her to make friends with her future business partner. Together they decided to go into business to provide for several different needs in her native town in Bulgaria. This led Nadya to enroll in the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community Biblical Entrepreneurship training and coaching program with the goal of starting a company. 

The Emmanuel Family Center, launching in 2024, will be a cafe that provides pastries and beverages for all ages through in-house seating, or take-out.  The mission of the cafe is to change the Earth in small steps, help people find their purpose, and accept everyone for who they are, with their strengths and weaknesses. Nadya is hoping to generate an estimate of 1 million euros in her first year, and projects to do a little over 2 million euros by year 4 with a 68% increase in revenue. She hopes to create a Kingdom impact through the use of her cafe by creating more jobs, using more local and organic products, and reducing pollution. Her long-term goal is to one day expand the business globally and in a couple of decades, leave the business to her children.

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Now that the regional winners have been chosen, our next step is to determine the 2023 International Kingdom Business Plan. Will the three-time returning champion Kenya win again, or will it be taken from them by the United States, Mexico, or Bulgaria?

Join us at Nehemiah Week 2023 as we learn who will take the trophy and the cash prize. We encourage everyone to come and support these global entrepreneurs.

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