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Why Invest in Nehemiah?


As we approach the conclusion of the year, it’s evident that 2023 has presented numerous challenges globally, from inflation to conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, along with the unsettling events in Washington DC. Despite these trying times, our commitment to building Kingdom businesses on a global scale remains unwavering.

The urgency of our mission has never been more profound. We firmly believe that a thriving economy, sustained and created through profitable Kingdom companies committed to the great commission in the marketplace, is essential. This economic vitality ensures the sustenance of quality jobs, fosters hope and innovation in the marketplace, and provides vital financial resources for great churches and ministries to fulfill their missions.

This brings me to a heartfelt request: as we approach the end of the year, consider making our mission a priority in your year-end giving. Whether you’ve directly benefited from our generous scholarship program or utilized our programs, services, and community, your tax-deductible gift can be an investment in enabling others to access our transformational programs and services.

When you contribute to Nehemiah, you’re not merely supporting another ministry. You’re providing training and coaching to individuals with innovative ideas, enabling us to support entrepreneurs navigating challenging economic environments and ensuring that Christian educational institutions have access to our impactful Biblical Entrepreneurship courses. Your partnership with us reaches countries like Haiti, Kenya, Cameroon, Mexico, Malaysia, and many others, where Biblical Entrepreneurship training creates jobs and fosters hope.

With your financial support, we can continue our impact in various U.S. cities, collaborating with churches and marketplace ministries to assist Christian entrepreneurs in building profitable, sustainable companies that serve as beacons of light in the marketplace.

For as little as $15 a month, you can partner with us to build profitable Kingdom businesses globally, create jobs in communities needing economic relief, bring coaching and marketplace resources to churches supporting their engaged members, and provide Biblical Entrepreneurship training to Christian schools, colleges, and universities.  

The great news is that your gift will be matched up to $60k due to a matching challenge of one of the generous members of our community.  

As a token of our gratitude for your gift of any amount, we’ll send you a free e-copy of my latest book, “Nehemiah Business Life Cycle: How to increase your chances of business success by at least 50%.”

This year marks the 27th anniversary of Gina and me being called by the Lord to create Biblical Entrepreneurship and build the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community. Reflecting on the journey, we’re amazed at the Lord’s work, spanning over 38 countries in 5 languages, training and coaching over 20,000 entrepreneurs, and establishing 13 Entrepreneurship Community Centers worldwide.

An exciting highlight this year was introducing Biblical Entrepreneurship as an Adjunct Professor at two higher education institutions—George Fox University and Portland Bible College. For the first time, Biblical Entrepreneurship became a part of their degree programs, impacting 40 college Sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The students’ feedback reflects a newfound understanding of how intensely the Bible applies to business and the realization that business can be a powerful platform for making a positive impact.

This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without your support. Your gift enables us to turn dreams into reality, ensuring that everyone who needs training, coaching, and a Kingdom community has access to it. It allows us to partner with churches, Christian schools, and universities, offering the Biblical Entrepreneurship curriculum irrespective of financial limitations. It ensures that every country in need receives Biblical Entrepreneurship and a Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community Center.

Remember, your contribution can make a substantial difference, and your gift will be doubled through a matching gift from one of our Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community members. As our way of expressing gratitude, we’ll send you a free e-copy of my latest book – Nehemiah Business Lifecycle: How to increase your chances of business success by at least 50%.

Thank you for being part of this transformative journey. Together, we’re building a community that equips and supports the next generation of marketplace leaders committed to being salt and light in the marketplace.

Serving you with love,

Patrice Tsague,
Co-Founder and Chief Servant Officer,
Nehemiah Project Entrepreneurship Community

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