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The Purposes of Technological Innovation

Technological Innovation

The Purposes of Technological Innovation

The world as we know it today is in an age where technological advancements are commonplace across the board. It seems as though every day there are new gadgets launched or software updates that require the public’s immediate attention. The failure to adapt as a business to these changes can potentially cause a business to fall by the wayside and be left by its competitors.

Do you see a man who excels in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before unknown men. - Proverb 22:29 (NKJV)

As Biblical Entrepreneurs, we need to recognize that we are all created by an excellent God with the ability to pursue excellence. If we do not adapt and innovate technologically in order to remain competitive, we are not functioning with excellence in mind. This is not to say that all modern-day technological innovations are good, and we ought to follow the latest trends blindly. 

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So, what are some of the available technological innovations available at our disposal as Biblical Entrepreneurs? Our upcoming E-Community Global Forum will tackle the topic of Cyber Security, Technology, & AI. Happening on October 26, 2023, From 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM PDT, courses the forum features the following individuals:

Patrice Tsague (Chief Servant Officer, Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community)

guest speakers
Scott Ryser (Founder & CEO, Yakabod)

Expert Panelists
Scott Ryser (Founder & CEO, Yakabod)
Alfie Fitzpatrick (Technologist)
Tim Abels (Director of Innovation in Datacenter Solution Group, Intel)
Todd Reibling (CEO, TR Network Consulting)
Poh Sim Saw (Director of Tech & Innovation, Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community)

The Global Forum is FREE for all paying EC Members and ONLY $25 for Bronze and Non-members. Click on the button below to register and find out more:

Seven Purposes of Technological Innovation

Here are the reasons for technological Innovation as a Biblical Entrepreneur based on Practices of Biblical Entrepreneurship:

  1. To mirror God’s creative nature (Genesis 1:26) 
  2. To fulfill the dominion mandate (Genesis 1:28)
  3. To meet human needs (Genesis 3:7)
  4. To show God’s glory (Isaiah 43: 7)
  5. To improve products, services, processes, and systems (Genesis 3:2) 
  6. To save time, increase efficiency, reduce cost, and increase profitability (Matthew 25:30) 
  7. To give you a competitive advantage by establishing your uniqueness in the marketplace (Proverbs 8:12)

EC Podcast Featuring Todd Reibling

Our recent podcast episode featured one of the Expert Penalist of our upcoming EC Global Forum, Todd Reibling. As the CEO of  TR Network Consulting, Todd talks to Patrice about cybersecurity and how information and communications technology (ICT) influences our lives through Big Data Applications. They also discussed Artificial Intelligence and the sociological implications it has on us at a personal and professional level. 

Check out the podcast episode below:

To hear more about these topics from Todd and all the other featured Expert panellists, click on the button below to sign up now for our EC Global Forum.

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