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Successful Business and Marriage



As Biblical Entrepreneurs, it is crucial that we know that marriage is a protected institution before God, and it should take precedence over our business. Many married entrepreneurs, both Christians and non-Christians, find themselves struggling with divorce due to factors such as the business feeling like the “other lover,” drawing the attention of the spouse away from their marriage.

The rate of divorce worldwide has been escalating over the recent years. As Bible-believing Christians, we can all agree that God hates divorce (Malachi 2:16), but what exactly can we do to reduce the risk of divorce as we run a successful business?


In reality, business success is not an automatic deterrent to divorce. Whether your spouse is actively involved in the business with you or not, business does create a risk to the marriage, and success can actually increase the risk, but it can be avoided.

The risks include:

  • Financial pressures
  • The business seems like the other lover
  • Increased demands on the spouse’s time
  • Increased temptations
  • Potentially increased conflict due to the couples trying to figure out how to work together
  • Increased division between the spouses, especially if the other spouse is not actively involved in the business


Here are seven keys to minimizing the risk of divorce in business:

  • Make sure that the business fits in God’s plan for your family, not just one of the spouse
  • See the business as a family business, not his or hers, even if one of the spouses is not actively involved.
  • Have clear rules of engagement between the business and the family
  • Have routine meetings to update each other and pray about the business
  • Have a clear role for the non-involved spouse, even if it is a passive role
  • Identify key activities that the non-involved spouse can be involved in without disrupting the business operation
  • Engage the non-involved spouse in some coaching sessions, update each other, and agree on key decisions that will significantly impact the family
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