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Mission Critical: “Think Outside the Box”

think outside the box

I am a creature of habit. I eat the same things, go to bed at the same time, frequent the same restaurants, and wear the same shoes.  In Texas, we call that “comfort,” and I like it.  My wife, however, calls it boring. 

So, several days ago, when the Chief Servant Officer and Co-Founder of the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community, Patrice Tsague, asked me to address the subject, “Think Outside the Box,” my inner self groaned.

Rising to meet the challenge, I reviewed the Biblical Entrepreneurship materials and studied Scripture. A-ha! 

“Think Outside the Box”

To “Think Outside the Box” was never a choice but is central to the success of a business.  It is in fact, Mission Critical!

To “Think Outside the Box” is a metaphor that means to think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective.  

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The Biblical Entrepreneurs, there is indeed a precedent and perhaps even an imperative to “Think Outside the Box.”

If we’re going to thrive, we must stop viewing what we do now against how we’ve always done it. To “Think Outside the Box,” we no longer use the box as the lens through which we look, but rather God’s Word. That’s the foundation on which we build our new structures.

Is there biblical precedence to “Think Outside the Box?”

We do have precedence for thinking outside of the box with Jesus.

Jesus lived in a world steeped in tradition where the phrase, “but we’ve always done it this way,” would have been the way of life. He enters the scene in a most nontraditional way; a virgin birth, born in a manger. The methodology used in His teaching, healing, and miracles varied. He did not serve people the same way each time but rather tailored what He did to the moment. 

He raised women to a higher plateau than common for that day. Some of the activities of Jesus and His disciples went so much against the status quo that it disturbed, even angered, the religious leaders. After being killed on the cross, He came to life, proving that He could conquer death and sin. Who had ever done that before?

If Jesus, in a world where the pace of change was not near as rapid as today, thought outside of the box and took the risk, why shouldn’t we? 

Make no mistake, Jesus lined up His earthly activity with the will of the Father (John. 5:17-23). He knew why He came and lived accordingly. Likewise, we too, must align with God’s Word and His character in whatever risks we take. 

We must get to the essence of God’s purposes, design, and mission and live accordingly. As we “Think Outside the Box,” let’s envelop all we do in prayer, stay consistent with God’s Word, and follow the leading of His Spirit. When we do, we’ll find fluidity and the ability to adapt, not rigid walls that box us in.

As Biblical Entrepreneurs, when is it necessary to “Think Outside the Box?”

  1. Problem Solving – Look beyond a defined scope of relevance to find answers
  2. Strategic Foresight – Keeps you ahead of the profit and loss curves enabling proactivity
  3. Diversity – Different experience, divergent thinking, and a willingness to take calculated risks

Tips to “Think Outside the Box”

Whether you’re aiming to improve your performance at work or simply trying to live a more fulfilling life, mastery of thinking outside the box is imperative for Biblical Entrepreneurs. All thought and all action is, by necessity, grounded in “The Word.” Here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Widen your Scope of Relevance.
  2. Question Assumptions.
  3. Listen Actively.
  4. Work Backward from the Goal.
  5. Ask Someone Outside of your field.
  6. Weigh the Consequences. 
  7. Seek a Mentor.
  8. Ask a Professional Coach.

Richard Cole is a member of the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community and the Managing Broker for American Incentive Advisors, a consulting firm of CPAs and Tax attorneys specializing in tax credits, tax incentives, and tax recovery.  Richard Cole is an official Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) Specialist endorsed by the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community

To schedule your free consultation, call 214-907-3238 or email richard@ciannagroup.com.   

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