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 End of Year Impact Story – Europe

Impact Story

The vision of Biblical Entrepreneurship in Europe has been going great for the past several years, producing exceptional fruits such as Nehemie Lumande, who currently serves as the Nehemiah E-Community Center Director of Paris, France. As one of the leaders in the region, Nehemie and his team work closely with partners from Bulgaria and Belgium. Together, they are actively working towards achieving further growth, training up even more Biblical Entrepreneurs, and building even more Kingdom businesses across the European region.

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Described as a region that thirsts for discovery, spirituality, and new experiences, the vision of entrepreneurship has been steadily growing over the years and months since the passing of the COVID-19 pandemic. Europe was hit particularly hard by the pandemic, with our EC Center in Bulgaria facing not only economic inflation but also political challenges and challenges of war.

Despite the complicated circumstances faced every day by our center directors in Bulgaria, Petya and Arman Lalane, they are still making us proud in their efforts in Bulgaria. Since opening up its doors in Bulgaria, the center has trained over 22 Biblical Entrepreneurs, with one of them, Nadya Koleva, representing Europe in the recent 2023 International Business Plan Competition. Most recently, they also launched Identity & Destiny in Bulgaria to help people discover their God-given sweet spot and pursue it.

Thanks to our EC Center in Bulgaria, the vision of Nehemiah is not only spreading in Europe, but it is also getting better.

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Nehemiah has been present in France for several years now, and the vision of Biblical Entrepreneurship continues to shine brightly. Many entrepreneurs who went through the Biblical Entrepreneurship program took what they learned and successfully set up their businesses. The Paris EC Center sees the importance of not only accompanying its students through the program but also bringing them all the way to the actual realization of their business. Aside from that, its first Biblical Entrepreneurship class this year had 8 students who also participated and gave their all in this year’s French National Business Plan Competition.

The center also looks to continue extending Nehemiah’s vision to potential partners and help develop a biblical entrepreneurial mindset in Europe, particularly France. This year also saw doors open to participate in entrepreneurship fairs in France, creating opportunities to discuss Biblical Entrepreneurship with more people. The center also raised new trainers who completed the Nehemiah Trainer Certification.

With the growing number of partnerships with like-minded organizations who share the goal of building Kingdom businesses, the EC Center in Paris, France looks to do more and develop itself into truly the Biblical Entrepreneurship HQ in Europe.

“I’m very optimistic about Europe; I believe that Europe needs to evolve, and Europe needs to achieve standing. We know that Europeans are very enthusiastic about entrepreneurship. Europeans are innovators and Europeans are people who are very gifted. We want to help and highlight Christian brothers and sisters who come through the grace and talent that God has placed in them to create employment and businesses to bless those around them. We want to support them.”

Nehemie Monday, Nehemiah E-Community Center Director of Paris, France

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We are truly thankful for all that has unfolded in Europe this year, and we are even more excited for all that is ahead for us. All of this would not have been possible without our faithful donors supporting us all this while.

As we come to the end of 2023, I would like to humbly ask that you consider making Nehemiah’s mission to build Kingdom businesses globally a priority in your giving this year. By Giving the Gift of Business, you are helping us achieve our 10-year goal to train 300,000 entrepreneurs, build 200,000 businesses, and create 100,00 jobs. Take note that all gifts up to $60K will be matched thanks to a matching challenge by generous members of the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community.

Your gift enables us to turn dreams into reality, ensuring that everyone who needs training and coaching and a Kingdom community has access to it. It allows us to partner with churches, Christian schools, and universities, offering the Biblical Entrepreneurship curriculum irrespective of financial limitations. It ensures that every country in need receives Biblical Entrepreneurship and a Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community Center.

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