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Identity and Career

Identity and Career

I imagine you are asking what Identity and Career have to do with each other.

Let me pose another question to you: What is your Identity? 

One of the first things that will come to mind is your name or your vocation, or the words, phrases, or things that you would normally use to describe who you are. 

For example: My name is Sara, and I am a pharmacist by profession.

However, is this all there is to how I think about myself? Is this all there is to how I ought to think about who I am? Is this who I really am? 

Identity and Career

Does my Career identify who I am, or should my Identity identify what Career path I should follow?

What if I said that I am God’s miracle for I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14); is that then my Identity? Would I be wrong? Metaphorically speaking, you can take away my vocation and thus my worldly Identity, but you cannot take away the miracle that God made me. 

It is my God-given Identity that grounds me and makes me wake up every morning. It gives me a reason to live because it is in knowing who I am that I have a Purpose that I am able to articulate both in words and deeds. 

Knowing and understanding your Identity is the key that unlocks the door to why you are here on earth – your Purpose. Once you know your Purpose, you are able to align your God-given Assignment(s) here on earth with His will and your Career.

This is why I firmly believe that there is a correlation between your Identity and your Career. Once you find your God-given Identity, you discover that your Purpose and your Assignment(s) are aligned with His will, and then your Career will follow the same trajectory.

In May 2021, I enrolled in the Identity and Destiny Program by Tom and Pam Wolf that was offered through the Sunergos for Africa Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. 

This transcendental program led me to discover the following:

  1. My God-given Identity – Who God has created me to be
  2. My God-given Purpose – The reason for my existence here on earth
  3. My God-given Assignment(s) – Why I am motivated to get up every morning and do God’s will despite how challenging the previous day may have been

On a daily basis, as I mentor, train, and coach young professionals with more intentionality since I took the program and as I think about how and what I am speaking to the young professionals and into their future lives, I am confronted by this truth that for one to be successful, they must first know who they are, their Identity, and only then can they really know if what they have been called to do, their Purpose, will align with their Career path.

By now, you may have figured out the following:

  1. My Identity - I am God’s miracle, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made 
  2. My Purpose - To empower people to be more so as to do more. Hence my love for mentoring, coaching, training, and holding you accountable. 

I am lucky that my Purpose aligns with what I love to do, and I am grateful and thankful that I get to live in my Purpose daily. That I wake up in the morning, and yes, it may be a challenging day, but in the process, I get to do His will and impact the lives of young professionals with intentionality. 

So that when the day comes for them to make that Career move, it will not only be for the money (or so I hope), but it will be because they have discovered and understood that their next move must be aligned with who they truly are.

Do you know your God-given Identity? Is yours Career path aligned with your Identity and your God-given Purpose?

Knowing who you truly are will certainly help you determine your best Career trajectory and get you closer to the freedom, wealth, and impact that we are all working towards.

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