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End of Year Impact Story – North America

Impact Story

In the region of North America, this year saw the further intertwinement between faith and business, allowing the further advancement of the mission of the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community to build Kingdom businesses globally. As a region that is no stranger to diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and economic opportunities, it is fertile ground for Biblical Entrepreneurship to continue to grow and flourish.

Biblical Entrepreneurship is rooted in the belief that business can be a vehicle for spreading values, serving others, and making a positive impact on society. It draws inspiration from biblical principles such as integrity, stewardship, compassion, and a focus on the greater good of our community. This region has seen numerous entrepreneurs embrace the principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship, incorporating them into their businesses.

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Since launching in September 2022, the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Center has made remarkable strides in building a strong presence within the community. With Trudy Hankins as Center Director, the center has established over 40 meaningful points of contact, notably its Chamber of Commerce. This has paved the way for further collaboration and mutual growth. This year saw the center host the Iron Sharpening Iron Conference for the first time, which provided the opportunity for its attendees to learn about Biblical Entrepreneurship, with 69% of them hearing about Nehemiah for the first time. Moreover, the conference also saw the establishment of a viable relationship with Zondra TV Network, which has opened up doors for increased visibility and outreach.

The center looks to continue to skillfully capitalize on the potential of such conferences by creating profitable systems that harness this revenue stream effectively. Aside from that, the center aims to continue to educate and empower. With more than 58 coaching hours, 6 courses offered, and an ever-increasing number of members, the DFW Center is truly just scratching the surface of its tremendous potential.

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In October 2022, Miriam Soto, the Center Director of the Puerto Rico Center, made a significant personal and professional commitment to relocate to serve the nation of Puerto Rico. Being present there has made her more effective in driving transformative change.

This year, the center saw the birth of its first life group for women in Spanish, which aims to nurture growth, create a safe for shared experiences, and foster a supportive environment for women as they go through their entrepreneurial journey. Moreover, the center also launched and graduated its first Identity & Destiny class and continues to champion Nehemiah’s Sustainable Church Initiative.

As it continues this journey of growth and impact, they are committed to remain steadfast in their dedication to serve and uplift Puerto Rico through Biblical Entrepreneurship.

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As it reaches its two-year milestone, the Orlando Center remains dedicated to fostering strategic partnerships with the Hispanic community in the United States, with the primary goal of increasing opportunities that align with its mission. Over the past year, the center has onboarded 7 churches to Nehemiah’s Sustainable Church Initiative and successfully graduated 30 individuals from the Identity & Destiny Program. Additionally, it also organized the inaugural Young Biblical Entrepreneurship 1 program in Liberia with an impressive 15 students in attendance. Furthermore, it also had 5 students enrolled in the Biblical Entrepreneurship Certificate Program.

As the center looks to the future, it plans to expand and implement a strategic pivot to focus on serving local churches and forging partnerships with strategic organizations to amplify their impact and drive overall growth. By broadening its reach and collaboration, the Orlando Center aims to make a lasting difference within the Hispanic Community and beyond.

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The Barnabas Center launched its first Biblical Entrepreneurship 3 class in June 2023, and of the 16 that started the course, 13 have graduated. The center’s vision is to help the churches in Haiti train entrepreneurs to restore economic life after the devastating earthquake two years ago.

This year also saw the center adapt its marketing strategy to have a more consistent messaging and positioning, leading to the strengthening of its online presence. With the miracle of a new office building, the center looks forward to future opportunities to partner with seminaries by offering the Biblical Entrepreneurship program as an option for their students.

The Barnabas Center has continued to strive, thanks to generous donors from across the world. With your support, you can aid in the expansion of Biblical Entrepreneurship in Haiti.

We are truly thankful for all that has unfolded in North America this year, and we are even more excited for all that is ahead of us. All of this would not have been possible without our faithful donors supporting us all this while.

As we come to the end of 2023, I would like to humbly ask that you consider making Nehemiah’s mission to build Kingdom businesses globally a priority in your giving this year. By Giving the Gift of Business, you are helping us achieve our 10-year goal to train 300,000 entrepreneurs, build 200,000 businesses, and create 100,00 jobs. Take note that all gifts up to $60K will be matched thanks to a matching challenge by generous members of the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community.

Your gift enables us to turn dreams into reality, ensuring that everyone who needs training and coaching and a Kingdom community has access to it. It allows us to partner with churches, Christian schools, and universities, offering the Biblical Entrepreneurship curriculum irrespective of financial limitations. It ensures that every country in need receives Biblical Entrepreneurship and a Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community Center.

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