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End of Year Impact Story – Asia Pacific

Impact Story

This year, the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community in the Asia Pacific tapped into a new horizon and explored greater opportunities that presented themselves with the translation of the Nehemiah curriculum into the Mandarin language. The Christian business Mandarin-speaking population is a vast and largely untapped market that holds tremendous potential. As of right now, Mandarin is spoken by over 1.3 billion people worldwide, making it the most spoken language globally. In China alone, there are more than 67 million Christians, and the number is growing by the day.

Having our curriculum in Mandarin will open up doors of opportunity into new markets, partnerships, and collaborations.

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We are fortunate to have Pastor Christopher Choy as our very first Mandarin-speaking trainer who has made the commitment to partner alongside us to head Nehemiah’s first-ever Mandarin community. Pastor Christopher is the founder of Turning Point Academy and a Nehemiah Trainer. An educator, translator, and life coach, he carries the heart to bring Biblical Entrepreneurship to the Mandarin community.

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“As we consider the realm of Mandarin-speaking Christian business people and their potential to revolutionize the economic landscape, an intriguing image emerges – that of ancient Chinese coin. These coins reflect the profound philosophy – the round symbolizes the heavens while the square represents the Earth. This coin mirrors a calling to manifest heavenly principles in tangible ways on this earthly plane through our economy endeavors. Therein lies the core of our approach – Biblical Entrepreneurship. This approach marries a solid foundation of unchanging principles and the agility of adaptive strategies, channeling the eternal into the present. Let us forge ahead, not only seeking success in economic ventures but also to embody principles of honor of our faith that enrich our communities and elevate the marketplace all for the glory of God.”  – Pastor Christopher Choy


China has the second-largest economy in the world, trailing only to the United States. Businesses in China has a significant impact on economic growth, trade and export, foreign direct investments, technology and innovation, manufacturing dominance, global commodity price, and environmental impact on a worldwide scale.

By training and coaching businesses in China from a Kingdom perspective, we have the valuable opportunity to bring Godly transformation globally, bringing us closer to our mission to build Kingdom businesses globally.


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We are truly thankful for all that has unfolded in the Asia Pacific region this year, and we are even more excited for all that is ahead for us. All of this would not have been possible without our faithful donors supporting us all this while.

As we come to the end of 2023, I would like to humbly ask that you consider making Nehemiah’s mission to build Kingdom businesses globally a priority in your giving this year. By Giving the Gift of Business, you are helping us achieve our 10-year goal to train 300,000 entrepreneurs, build 200,000 businesses, and create 100,00 jobs. Take note that all gifts up to $60K will be matched thanks to a matching challenge by generous members of the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community.

Your gift enables us to turn dreams into reality, ensuring that everyone who needs training and coaching and a Kingdom community has access to it. It allows us to partner with churches, Christian schools, and universities, offering the Biblical Entrepreneurship curriculum irrespective of financial limitations. It ensures that every country in need receives Biblical Entrepreneurship and a Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community Center.

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