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Are you Called to Business?

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I’ve been called to business, and I love what I do. I have often said, “I was born for this!” but that’s a somewhat shallow statement after more than four decades of preparation, decisions, sacrifice, making mistakes, and purposing to embrace the fullness of that for which Christ embraced me (see Philippians 3:12-14).

So as I continue to learn and step into my purpose and calling in business, here are some keys I’ve learned about the journey of stepping into your own calling:

  1. Everyone has a calling.

    You were born for significance. God has a plan for you, it is good, AND He prepared you ahead of time for you to step into it. That may be a message you carry, solutions to a problem, or a service to a person. 
  • Jeremiah is famous for quoting that God has plans for you, and they are GOOD. 
  • The Apostle Paul prayed that all would know the hope of your calling. 
  • The Apostle Paul’s own calling was a revelatory message that the Gospel wasn’t just for the Jews but for the Gentiles also. 
  1.  Your calling develops and refines over time

    It’s important to note that even Jesus, the Son of God, grew in favor with man and God. This is likewise for us. What you do today with what is in your hands, the people, and the circumstances that surround you is preparing and shaping (or pausing) your progress in your purpose and calling.
  1.  Knowing the season helps navigate the process well

    Check out Tony Stoltzfus’ book, "The Calling Journey. " In it, he presents practical research of a great number of biblical and current leaders and how the process to the fullness of their calling developed through a consistent number of internal and external seasons. He lists that the key to learning in each season is knowing where God is working in you. And the quicker you lean in and learn, the easier it is! This is better than avoiding dealing with what you need to work on.
  1. My journey to today and some practical applications for you

    I’m 47 years old today and can identify some distinct seasons of preparation. Right now, I am stepping into a zone where my passion (what I love to do) and my purpose (what I’m called to do), and my proficiency (what I’m good at doing) combine with profit (what I get paid to do). 
  1. Your turn

    Make four lists:
  1. The things you love to do – PASSION
  2. The things you are really good at – PROFICIENT
  3. The thing(s) you sense you are called to do – PURPOSE
  4. The things you can get paid to do – PROFIT

Where is there an overlap? How could you move towards better-aligning profit with purpose or improving proficiency so that you can get paid for what you love to do?

I recommend doing this with a friend or mentor who can also give you some perspective as you move onwards in the journey of your calling.

Another great book to help you on your way is “Dream Culture: Bringing Dreams to Life,” written by my wife, Janine, and me a few years ago. It’s written in such a way to be a practical life coach for you as you discover your purpose and live out who you were born to be!

Andy Mason is the Director of Heaven in Business – a growing global community of business people partnering with God at work and engaged in the well-being of the city they serve. Andy and his wife, Janine, come from New Zealand and have more than two decades of experience helping individuals and organizations discover and align with purpose, then develop practical steps to make dreams a reality. Andy has worked for a national consultancy firm and leading financial institution as well as investing in international community development. Andy and Janine have authored multiple books, including God With You at Work, Dream Culture: Bringing Dreams to Life, Finding Hope in Crazy Times: Daily Stories of Hearing God. and Kingdom Tools for Teaching: Heavenly Strategies for Real Classrooms. Click HERE to see more.

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