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And The Winner is…

Kingdom Business Plan Winner

The 2023 Northwest Center Kingdom Business Plan Competition was held on June 6th, 2023, and this year’s winner is  Jacob & Tiffany Quiñones of Kingdom Lifestyles Kleaning!

The Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community Center is a Kingdom-focused entrepreneurship training and coaching organization where Christian Entrepreneurs in various business stages from around the world find a supportive network of trusted Kingdom business trainers, coaches, and mentors as well as training and business support services to grow their Kingdom businesses. The community includes an ecosystem of like-minded, shared-value entrepreneurs who are committed to building Kingdom businesses globally. There are currently 15 Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community Centers in the United States and around the world that are operated by local independent operators or parent companies.

The 2023 Northwest Center Kingdom Business Plan

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The 2023 Northwest Center Kingdom Business Plan Competition Winner

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Jacob & Tiffany Quiñones

Jacob and Tiffany Quinones are the founders of Kingdom Lifestyle Kleaning. After working for Corporate America for 20 years, they both felt a burning desire to launch their own business and enrolled in the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community Biblical Entrepreneurship training and coaching program with the goal of building a Kingdom company. 

Kingdom Lifestyle Kleaning is a South Florida-based residential and commercial cleaning company whose mission is to glorify Christ by serving people with quality and love.  Their vision is to be South Florida’s most trusted cleaning company. They generated $37K in their first year and project to do over $4 million by year 5, with about 18% profitability. Their Kingdom impact includes demonstrating their stewardship over the environment by using environmentally friendly products, providing superior services, discipling their employees, and using their profits to support Kingdom causes. Their goal is to eventually transition the business to their kids.

The competition was close, as both competitors came ready with thorough Kingdom Business Plans that were viable and ready to be taken to the marketplace. Ultimately, the Quiñones took the win in the end, and with that, they will be competing with the other US Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Centers to qualify for the North America Regional Business Plan Competition. The ultimate goal is to qualify for the 2023 International Kingdom Business Plan Competition at Nehemiah Week 2023, an International Christian business conference.

The Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community Northwest Center, based in Battle Ground Washington, is an international membership kingdom business training and coaching organization that provides a safe place where Christian Entrepreneurs from the Pacific Northwest and other parts of the US  find a supportive network of Kingdom business trainers, coaches, and mentors as well as business support services. The community includes like-minded shared value entrepreneurs who are committed to building Kingdom businesses globally.  

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