According to Os Hillman of Marketplace Leaders, marketplace ministry or the Faith at Work movement had its beginnings in the 1930s through CBMC (Christian Businessmen’s Committee) and the Full Gospel Businessmen International that began in the fifties. This movement was an evangelical movement designed for Christian executives to have a platform for sharing Christ. 

Since then, the movement has grown to a comprehensive discipleship and evangelical platform that educates Christian entrepreneurs and business leaders on ways to:

  • Bring their Sunday faith to their Monday work
  • Discover their God-given calling
  • Influence the Marketplace through all spheres of culture (7 Mountains)
  • Use business as a tool for global evangelism or Business as Mission (BAM)
  • Increase business profitability and impact
  • Integrate their faith in how they operate their businesses in every aspect:
    • Human Resources
    • Marketing
    • Finance
    • Operations

Just as the movement has grown to address every aspect of the workplace and business, a new generation of Marketplace leaders has entered the space, bringing new innovative approaches to the faith at work movement.  

New Generation Marketplace Leaders

One of which is our organization, Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community, which rose to the national scene in 2015. Nehemiah’s goal is to provide Christian entrepreneurs and business owners with a comprehensive, biblically integrated training and coaching program to help them build profitable and sustainable Kingdom businesses. Aside from us, there are many other organizations that have appeared on the scene in the last 20 years, including; 

  • Heaven in Business 
  • Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurship
  • I61 Business Development 
  • At work on Purpose 
  • Lion's Den 
  • Transformational leadership 
  • Local Christian Chamber of Commerce 
  • Faith Driven Entrepreneurship
  • Christian Employer Alliance 
  • Kings and Priest 
  • The Redeemed Christian Center for Faith at Work 
  • The Institute of Faith Works and Economics 
  • And many others 

Some of these organizations will be featured at Nehemiah Week 2023, our global Christian business conference, featuring entrepreneurs, motivational speaker, and global evangelist, Nick Vujicic. They will discuss the current state of marketplace ministry and Kingdom business, as well as share their vision on how marketplace ministry can address the current economic, political, and social challenges. 

To get a sneak peek of Nehemiah Week 2023, join us next week on July 20, 2023, from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM PDT, for our Global Forum on Heaven in Business. Come and find out the power and impact of bringing heaven into your business operations together with our forum panelists, which include:

  1. Shae Bynes – Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurship
  2. Andy Mason – Heaven in Business 
  3. Robert Fukui – i61 Business Development

You can join us for free if you are a paying E-Community Member. Click on the button below to find out more! 

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