Being a Christian in business can be challenging

Starting and running a business in Africa in a God-honoring way can sometimes feel like an uphill task.

The Christian who enters the world of business will soon find himself at the mercy of the market forces, facing keen competition, and many temptations to cut corners, to resort to the unethical means used by other successful businesses. In Africa, one of the most common malpractices in business is bribery.

Besides this, there are many questions that you may have asked as a Christian in business such as:

  • How much profit should I make on my business?
  • Am I living my purpose in life and business?
  • How do I handle competitors in my business?
  • Is it okay to have mergers and partnerships with non-Christians?
  • Is it okay for a Christian business to borrow money?
  • How do I balance strategic planning with waiting on God to guide me?
  • What do I do with my employees who steal, or who consistently come in late to work?

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