For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God. – Romans 8:19 (NKJV)

Thank you so much for your continued support and financial partnership to build kingdom businesses globally through the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community Centers.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, sustainability is defined as the quality of being able to endure or continue over a period of time. While it is a term commonly associated with environmental objectives, it aptly captures the essence of what we aim to convey to you.

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The “Campaign for Sustainability” is an initiative designed to harness our existing content, products, and services, and to accelerate our earned income. The primary objective is to ensure the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community is sustainable without relying heavily on donations. This will enable us to continue to invest in the next generation through our Youth Biblical Entrepreneurship program while continuing to develop Biblical Entrepreneurs in international communities to create jobs and reduce poverty.

Since the launch of Biblical Entrepreneurship as a course in 1997, our goal has been for our earned revenue to cover our operational costs. Over the years, as we expanded our initiatives and diversified our income streams, we came closest to achieving this goal in 2022 when earned income accounted for 72% of our total revenue. However, in 2022, we also lost a major partnership, which had been a catalyst for our earned income growth. This shift led to earned income being reduced to 33% of our total revenue.


With the end of our marketing contract through a third-party partner, which had been our primary lead generation strategy, we had to pivot to a new approach that had not yet fully materialized. This shift has temporarily increased our reliance on contributions for this year, and we foresee this dependence lasting for approximately two to three years as we execute our “Campaign for Sustainability”.

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Richard Cole is a Biblical Entrepreneur who transitioned from a career as a merger and acquisition specialist to becoming an entrepreneur, successfully building and selling several companies. He served as a Nehemiah Board Member, Certified Biblical Entrepreneur Trainer, and donor for several years before the demands of his last company took precedence.

This year, Richard returned to Nehemiah’s fold to assist the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community members in accessing the Employer Retention Tax Credit. Echoing his previous role as a Biblical Entrepreneurship trainer, he reinstated his Trainer Certification, acquired the Coach Certification, and also joined the Nehemiah Advisory Board and the fundraising committee. Richard is so deeply passionate about seeing Nehemiah attain sustainability that he generously accepted to lead and contribute financially towards the “Campaign for Sustainability”.

Richard firmly believes that Nehemiah must practice what it preaches by funding its operational revenue through earned income, reserving contributions for expansion, and outreach into underserved markets.

Richard’s strategic approach involves utilizing financial contributions to develop and implement a comprehensive digital marketing campaign (This campaign will be controlled by Nehemiah in partnership with digital marketing experts reducing the risk of what happened in 2022) aimed at generating sufficient leads for membership, book sales, training, coaching, and licenses. The ultimate goal is to ensure that at least 75% of Nehemiah’s income is derived from the sale of its products and services and that 100% of its ongoing operations are supported by earned income.

I invite you to join Richard by emailing him at to help secure Nehemiah’s future, foster sustainability, and advance our mission to empower Biblical entrepreneurs worldwide, raise up the next generation of kingdom business leaders, create lasting jobs, and reduce poverty.  


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