OCTOBER 2023: Vision for the Future - Nehemiah's Case Statement - Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community

OCTOBER 2023: Vision for the Future – Nehemiah’s Case Statement

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As we enter the season of giving, we are excited to share with you our Case Statement for Nehemiah’s Campaign for Sustainability. This campaign is a critical initiative that outlines our broader strategy and vision for creating a lasting impact in the communities we serve. We invite you to learn more about Nehemiah and the organization that you have generously supported throughout the years.

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Nehemiah’s Campaign for Sustainability: A Vision for the Future

The Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community has always been dedicated to transforming communities, empowering entrepreneurs, and training up the next generation. We believe that the key to achieving these goals is sustainability. Sustainability means not only meeting the immediate needs of the organization but also ensuring that Nehemiah’s mission of building Kingdom businesses globally, one entrepreneur at a time, has the resources to thrive over the long term.

Our Case Statement for the Campaign for Sustainability outlines our strategic plan for how we plan to accomplish this, and below are the 10 highlights of Nehemiah’s 2023 Case Statement.

You can download the entire document HERE.

1. Mission and Impact

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Mission and Impact: The Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community’s mission is to build Kingdom businesses globally by supporting Christian entrepreneurs through various stages of their business life cycle, from discovery to succession, using biblical principles and professional best practices.

2. Global Presence

Global Presence: We have established 12 community centers across the globe, including in the United States, Mexico, Haiti, France, Cameroon, Kenya, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, and more.

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3. Entrepreneurial Success Stories

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Entrepreneurial Success Stories: The document features testimonials from entrepreneurs like Alexis Jahncke, Nehemie Lumande, David Witter, and Nina Mutegi. They are those who have benefited from Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community programs, illustrating the organization’s impact on individual businesses and lives.

4. Business as a Force for Good

Business as a Force for Good: The Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community outlines 20 reasons business is essential, emphasizing its role in bringing hope, reducing poverty, creating jobs, fostering dignity, and driving innovation.

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5. 2023 Budget Goal

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2023 Budget: The Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community has set a budget goal of $1,176,000, with a mix of earned revenue ($376,000) and contributions ($800,000). We aim to use these funds to train new entrepreneurs, create jobs, grow the e-community, invest in Kingdom businesses, and initiate youth and young adult programs.  

6. Vision for the Future

Vision for the Future: The Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community’s 10-year vision includes establishing 25 Entrepreneurship E-Community Centers, creating 100,000 jobs, and investing $25 million in businesses. For 2023, we aim to increase our earned revenue ratio and expand our global reach.

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7. Funding Summary

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Funding Summary: The organization presents a tiered giving structure for potential donors, with categories like Kings, Founders, Champions, Partners, and Wall Builders, aiming to raise $800,000.

8. Leadership and Advisory Board

Leadership and Advisory Board: The document lists the core values of the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community, introduces the leadership team and advisory board, and highlights their roles in providing guidance and strategic oversight.

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9. Ways to Give

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Ways to Give: The Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community offers multiple avenues for donations, including online giving, checks, pledge commitments, and estate gifts.

10.Contact Information

Contact information: The final page provides contact details for those interested in contacting the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community, including phone, email, and website information.

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How You Can Get Involved

Stay Informed: We encourage you to learn more about Nehemiah’s Campaign for Sustainability by downloading the complete 2023 Case Statement or contacting us directly. Discover the specific projects and initiatives that resonate with your values and interests.

Spread the Word: Share our mission and Case Statement with your friends and family. Your voice can help us reach more people passionate about Christians making a difference in the marketplace and impacting their communities.

Make a Donation: Consider making a generous contribution to the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community. Your donation will directly impact Christian entrepreneurs’ lives and the communities they serve, making a real and lasting difference.

Thank you for your continued support, dedication, and commitment to our cause. Your belief in our mission of building kingdom businesses globally is what makes Nehemiah’s work possible, and together, we can build a more sustainable and prosperous future.

Sent in love from your grateful and humble servant,

Patrice Tsague, Chief Servant Office

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