The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge - Proverbs 1:7a

We are excited to share some incredible news that highlights the positive influence your support has had on shaping the landscape of faith-based entrepreneurship education in higher education.

Empowering Future Entrepreneurs through Colleges and Universities

The Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community has partnered with two higher education institutions; George Fox University et Portland Bible College to provide opportunities for students to learn Biblical Entrepreneurship as a part of their degree program.

Portland Bible College

One of the most significant achievements of the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community is the successful launch of the PBC School of Kingdom Business and Entrepreneurship at Portland Bible College in Portland, Oregon. This collaboration marks a momentous step in merging entrepreneurship education and biblical principles to equip students with not only business acumen but also a strong foundation in ethics, values, and biblical understanding.

The PBC School of Kingdom Business and Entrepreneurship at Portland Bible College offers various Masterclass Certificates and Degree programs that can be achieved in a two to four-year time frame, with a very flexible schedule and reasonable prices. The courses are offered either through a mix of evening courses that cater to working professionals and busy business owners or daytime courses for full-time students.

  • Marketplace Masterclass Certificate Program (8 Credit hours)
  • Advanced Marketplace Masterclass Certificate Program (16 Credit hours)
  • Bachelor of Theology w/ Marketplace Ministry Emphasis (128 Credit hours)

Faith-Integrated Entrepreneurship course at George Fox University

In addition to our collaboration with Portland Bible College, we are thrilled to announce another milestone made possible by your support.  I will be teaching a Faith Integrated Entrepreneurship class at George Fox University in Newberg Oregon as a part of the George Fox College of Business.  

This course will be offered to students from all majors interested in learning how to leverage their gifts, skills, and academics to start a Kingdom business that meets market needs while serving as a platform for social transformation,  marketplace evangelism, and discipleship.

This 15-week three-credit Biblical Entrepreneurship course will conclude with students putting together a Kingdom business plan to pitch in front of a panel of judges to demonstrate both the financial viability of their business and its Kingdom impact.

Celebrating Your Contribution

As we celebrate these remarkable achievements, it is essential to recognize that none of this would have been possible without your belief in the vision of the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community. Your continued support is a testament to your dedication to fostering a new generation of Biblical Entrepreneurs who are committed to meeting market needs in a sustainable way, creating jobs while fulfilling the great commission and the great commandment in the marketplace.

Looking Ahead

As we move forward, our commitment to empowering aspiring Christian entrepreneurs to build Kingdom companies remains steadfast. We are excited to continue nurturing partnerships that allow us to shape the future of communities and nations through Kingdom business. Your ongoing support will enable us to reach even greater heights, impacting the lives of students, communities, and nations.

Once again, we express our heartfelt gratitude for your generosity and belief in the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community. Together, we are sowing the seeds of change and creating a legacy that will resonate for generations to come.

Sent in love from your grateful and humble servant,

unnamed 11- Nehemiah E-Community

Patrice Tsague, Chief Servant Office

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