Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate. – Mark 10:9


I trust you had a joyful Christmas. A distinctive aspect that contributes to the relational nature of the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community is our active life groups. These groups meet weekly and monthly, providing members with the opportunity to engage freely, delving deeper into community connections with fellow entrepreneurs, and gaining insights from more seasoned business leaders. One of our most engaged life groups is the Nehemiah Couples In Business Life Group.

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Over the past three years, over 12 couples in business have embarked on a transformative journey through this life group. Meeting every second Saturday for two and a half hours via Zoom, the life group focuses on strengthening marriages while concurrently building businesses.

During this period, we’ve witnessed inspiring stories of marriages evolving from the brink of divorce to flourishing and businesses progressing from the brink of bankruptcy to successfully rebuilding. The depth of intimacy and vulnerability within this life group creates a secure space for honesty and healing. Marriage is already challenging, and when combined with the complexities of running a business, it introduces unique tensions that emphasize the necessity of a supportive community. The Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community serves as this indispensable support system, offering guidance and understanding from others who have navigated similar challenges.

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Your financial support plays a pivotal role in providing this opportunity to couples. In certain cases, we extend scholarships for training and coaching to those facing financial hardships, ensuring they receive essential support for both their business and marriage.

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The pinnacle of each year’s Nehemiah Couples in Business Life Group is the Couples In Business Retreat. This retreat allows couples to escape for five days, taking advantage of specialized training sessions, group discussions, devotionals, worship, recreation, and moments of rest and intimacy within a community of like-minded couples.

This year, the retreat took place on the Royal Caribbean Cruise to Jamaica and the Bahamas. Mornings commenced with devotionals led by different couples, followed by exercise, breakfast, and educational sessions. Afternoons were dedicated to rest, recreation, and community building. Each couple received a Certificate of Marital Covenant at the end of the retreat, recommitting to doing their part to strengthen their marriage while building their business.

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Couples described the experience as “Enriching,” “Refreshing,” “Fun,” “Transformational,” and “Enlightening.”

We firmly believe that every married couple involved in a business, irrespective of their level of involvement, is a couple in business because God has called them to be one. As part of our mission to build Kingdom businesses globally, we are committed to ensuring that businesses led by married couples thrive without jeopardizing their marriage. Your support enables us to pursue this mission and ensures that both businesses and families flourish.
It helps us go beyond merely building Kingdom companies; it ensures that families flourish alongside the success of the business. I am truly grateful for your support, which provides us with the flexibility to foster not just thriving businesses but thriving families.

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May 2024 bring you great possibilities for personal and spiritual growth. May your business and family prosper according to God’s purpose and plan for you and your family.

Sent in love from your grateful and humble servant,

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Patrice Tsague, Chief Servant Office

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