God is at work – all the time.  Scripture says He never sleeps!

So everyday we need to get up thinking…saying… and believing… that something GOOD is going to happen TODAY!  We need to know that whatever is happening in the natural right at this moment…is not necessarily a picture of what is happening – on our behalf – in the spiritual realm.

Remember what Jesus said to “doubting” Thomas?  “Blessed are those who walk by faith…not by sight!” 

So if all that great stuff is going on up in the heavenlies…but we are not seeing it in the” here and now”…the question we must ask is this:  HOW THEN SHALL I WAIT???

HINT:  Check out a few places in Scripture for some thoughts on waiting…Psalm 62:1-2 and Lamentations 3:24-27.

Joyce Meyer said this morning – the book that helped her answer this question is Andrew Murray’s “The Believers Secret of Waiting on God”.  (I can’t wait to get my own copy!!!)

In his book, Murray says, “We need to learn to wait with holy expectancy”!

So what does that look like?  It begins with believing in the goodness of God…and how much He wants to bless us!  It is knowing that I can get up every morning expecting something good to happen in my life – aggressively expecting God to provide.  And if it doesn’t “materialize” today…to wake tomorrow –  with faith that is not shaken – trusting that God is indeed at work on my behalf.

What gives me the right to think this way?  Well, Joyce Meyer says, “(1) My need, and (2) The promises in God’s Word”.  And I agree – that is all I need…so here’s what I am saying today…

Today is my day!

How bout you???   

Drop a quick comment below…I would love to hear what you are experiencing as you wait???

Waiting with holy expectancy,